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Biodiversity Essay, Research Paper

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Biodiversity is described by Ruth Patrick as, ? the presence of a big figure of species of animate beings and workss? ? ( Patrick 15 ) . In other words, biodiversity is the term for the step of the assortment of different species that do be still on our works. These species can run from the simplest bacterium to the really complex Primatess. Biodiversity can associate locally or globally. For illustration the Southern New England forest contains 20 or 30 tree species while in the rain forest of Peru there are 100s of species of trees ( Patrick 15 ) . There are besides farther ways to see biodiversity and that is in degrees. These degrees can be the? diverseness of higher workss, figure of species, or expressed as sheer weight ( biomass ) ? ( Patrick 15 ) . Biodiversity is different is each portion of the universe. Not every portion of the universe contains the same sum of animals yet there are parts of the universe that might incorporate similar sums. These parts of the universe have similar conditions forms and hence similar species will develop at that place but they are non needfully the same. One of the more of import parts of the universe that contain a big sum of biodiversity is the tropical rain forest part. ? The woods comprise approximately 7 % of the dry land surface of Earth and may keep more than 50 % of all species? ( Patrick 15 ) . Yet us as worlds do non cognize all of the animals and beings that live on this planet at all. We merely have discovered, in one manner or another, approximately 1.4 million species yet the figure that is estimated is about 10-100 million ( Patrick 15 ) .

The unknown species that do be on this

universe can hold many and infinite benefits to the human race. A good illustration can be the rose-colored periwinkle, which is a works found on the island of Madagascar, helped bring around the Hodgkin? s disease and lymphocytic leukaemia. ( E.O. Wilson 3 ) . Another can be the cyclosporin that was found in an vague Norse fungus that is the foundation for the organ graft concern ( Wilson 3 ) . There besides exist countless other possible utilizations and legion other benefits that can be found in nature. The lone job is that we do non cognize even half of the sum of life that exists on this planet and many of them are vanishing faster than we can detect.

With the promotion of engineering and the turning population travel world, nature seems as if it is in the manner. Worlds are in demand of shelter and commissariats so as the human population grows, we need to spread out our resources. Merely sometimes this will conflict with nature and this can do nature to be ruined. Worlds are easy destructing the rain forest to do room for their ain demands. Besides pollution is that is created with out industries. This can be seen in metropolis of Cubatao, which will lay waste to its delicate balance in the tropical rain forest with the emanation of green house gases ( Thomas E. Lovejoy 11 ) .

Therefore we as worlds have a duty to assist continue our biodiversity. We need to guarantee the mixture of beings that live on this planet non merely for nature but for ourselves excessively. Nature can supply us with remedies for malignant neoplastic disease or even something every bit trifle as a regular cold. In the terminal nature is easy disappearing because of us worlds so we need to set s halt to that.

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