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Throughout Death of a Salesman the males of the Loman household can non separate between the world of the American Dream and the semblance of it. Willy can non see who Happy and Biff really are as persons or himself for that affair. Therefore, Willy and his boies believe that they all know and have what it takes to be a success in life and in concern. In actuality the success of both falls really far from the ideal American Dream of their clip.

In the entireness of this drama Willy Loman fights back and Forth with world about his two boies and himself, being how he thinks they should be. He thinks that being good liked by holding personal attraction is the key to prosperity. Towards the beginning of the drama, Willy falls back in clip to a topographic point where Biff and Happy were perfect boies. Biff is playing football like Willy wanted him excessively and Happy seeking difficult to get Willy & # 8217 ; s attending at all costs. Willy tends to focus on himself on Biff and all the possible that he thinks he has. Happy seems to merely to acquire washed out during the drama by the changeless focal point on Biff. In the really beginning of the drama where it is set in the present Willy says, & # 8220 ; Biff is a lazy rotter! & # 8221 ; ( Miller 1938 ) . Then altering his head by stating that Biff is lost but is a difficult worker and & # 8220 ; he & # 8217 ; s non lazy & # 8221 ; ( 1938 ) . Willy can non look to keep on to the world that Biff can non accomplish success in his life and bury the semblance that he will carry through his dreams. Biff states the world clearly here, & # 8220 ; Pop, I & # 8217 ; m a dime a twelve and so are you & # 8221 ; ( 2000 ) . Willy can non look to turn his life into his dream and comes to footings in the

terminal by taking his life.

During the drama Biff and Happy talk twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours about their American dream but ne’er rather get down the stairss to accomplish it. They both struggle all their immature lives. Biff tries to arise against Willy in the beginning by neglecting math and traveling out west. Happy, on the other manus attempts so really difficult to derive the attending of his male parent for illustration, by crying, & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; m losing weight, you notice, Pop? & # 8221 ; ( 1947 ) . Subsequently on in the drama as it shifts back into the present, Biff and Happy start to understand that holding all they want in life doesn & # 8217 ; t merely take woolgathering. They realize this by detecting their male parent, Willy with all of his adversities and ruins. In an statement towards the terminal Biff cries out to Willy in realisation, & # 8220 ; Pop, I & # 8217 ; m nil! I & # 8217 ; m nil, Pop. Can & # 8217 ; t you understand that? There & # 8217 ; s no malice in it any longer. I & # 8217 ; m merely what I am, that & # 8217 ; s all & # 8221 ; ( 2001 ) .

Happy, Biff and Willy all have the American Dream as their end but suffer the torture of ne’er carry throughing all that they have foreseen for the hereafter. They all transform from get downing to stop, by first woolgathering about what could be done and so understanding the truth that it will ne’er be. In the decision after Willy has committed suicide, Biff says at Willy & # 8217 ; s grave, & # 8220 ; He had the incorrect dreams. All, all, incorrect & # 8221 ; ( 2003 ) . Biff and Happy now know that for one time in their lives they have to do their male parents dream of being the, & # 8220 ; number-one adult male & # 8221 ; go on ( 2004 ) .

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