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Maria is a spirited 17 old ages old who lives in a little town in Colombia. She works for really low rewards at a big industrial rose plantation. Maria comes from a household of four who urgently depend on her every payroll check merely to acquire by in life. After so many old ages of working and fighting. she becomes disgruntled with her life. Maria begins to seek more out of their day-to-day modus operandis. She makes drastic determinations out of despair for a new life. Maria quits her occupation when her supervisor refuses to allow her travel to the bathroom.

This was a point of eventually allowing spell of what makes her suffering. Although. everyone around her is non every bit determined as she is for a better life. she continues to look for more. After an statement with her foreman. she decided to discontinue her occupation in hopes for something better. more exciting. She decides to eventually follow her bosom and do a alteration. Maria subsequently on goes to happen out she is pregnant from her fellow. While her fellow intents to her after hearing the intelligence. she declines after recognizing he doesn’t even love her.

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Maria is looking for something new. but matrimony is non the reply. She notices how suffering her sister is with a babe and the thought doesn’t settle in with her. The state of affairs merely makes her look for something different. In the procedure of looking for a new occupation in Bogota. Maria comes into contact with a friend she met in a party the dark before. Franklin sensed that she wanted to make something different. so he tells her about a occupation as a drug mule. From what they were speaking about Franklin saw that she was tired of her mundane life.

A drug mule is person who carries drugs into another state. While cognizing the hazards. Maria unhesitatingly accepts after hearing the wage and chance of traveling someplace other than Colombia. This shows that Maria knows what she wants ; she is willing to accept anything out of her norm. She subsequently meets with Javier. the 1 in charge of the operation. As he intentionally explains the hazards. confidentiality. and wage of transporting drugs to America. she consciously accepts the offer. To Maria she sees this as a manner out of her regular modus operandi. and a opportunity to be someplace new.

She in secret speaks with Lucy. another miss who has carried drugs to America and survived all the dangers of the work for an penetration of the occupation. During the procedure Maria has to get down 62 nuggets of diacetylmorphine sealed with latex and dental floss. In New York. Maria is stopped at the airdrome in intuition that she is smuggling drugs. They intimidatingly interview her in an stray room. oppugning her and call on the carpeting her about why she is in New York from Colombia. During the whole interview with in-migration. Maria remains unagitated. demoing a sense of bravery.

After cognizing the possibilities of acquiring caught. she persists with the x-ray they demand. to verify that she is in fact non smuggling drugs. Prior to the x-ray they take a urine trial. watching her as she urinates into the cup to turn out it is truly her piss. When the officers receive the urine trial. they find out that Maria is pregnant. and because of that they aren’t able to continue with the X ray. She saw this as a mark from God. as if person was watching over her. Maria exits the airdrome where there are two work forces in a new wave waiting for her.

In the procedure of recovering the drugs from her organic structure and from the two other misss. Lucy gets badly. When a nugget brakes in your tummy. you will finally decease. so to salvage the drugs the two work forces cut her tummy unfastened to recover the drugs. Maria awakes to see the two work forces carry Lucy out of the hotel room. This was the first clip Maria has panicked because she felt that Blanca and herself have to pay. so they run off. Maria shows leading because she decides they need to travel. and what they need to make.

After running they realize the danger they were traveling to set their households into so they decided to reach the two work forces to return the drugs. Maria and her friend meet up with the work forces. with a batch of bravery after running off from the drug traders. and returning the drugs to have payment. Their occupation is done and they are all right to travel back place. While in the airdrome waiting for her flight to board she thinks about traveling back to her suffering ways. She thought about her babe. and the chances her babe will hold in America.

After believing about it exhaustively. Maria makes the biggest determination of her life. and that is to remain in America. Maria shows how brave and determined she is to hammer a new life for herself no affair the cost. She comes near to meeting decease. danger. treachery. and force in this procedure of happening herself and what she wants. Maria battles for her flight and frees herself. standing entirely merely as when she started this escapade. Maria breaks her norm and now will give her kid the life she ever wished for. She can eventually shut that chapter in her life. and get down over new.

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