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The Breakfast Club is a film made in the 80’s about 5 really different adolescents who are forced to pass the twenty-four hours in detainment. At first. they appear to be judgmental of the others but by the terminal they learn to esteem one another because they aren’t so different after all. This film is still really applicable and popular. The film is so good standard because of the characters. the message and filming.

The movie is an hyperbole of existent life. In existent life. high schools are divided into groups of people based on their visual aspect. involvements and how they were brought up. The ground for this is people stick with others that are similar to them. In the movie. each major “group” was represented by a pupil. There was the princess. the athlete. the encephalon. the Rebel. and the castaway.

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The chief message in the film is that despite all our outer differences. we are all traveling through the same type of jobs. Even more. the subject is that we have to accept the differences because inside we are all likewise.

The subject is revealed by picturing the frights. hopes and ends each character has. Andrew Clark is the popular athlete who is ever seeking to delight other people. He isn’t happy with the type of individual he is because he is the individual everyone wants him to be. This creates a batch of internal choler which emerges frequently throughout the film. He is scared to let down his male parent. manager and friends so he bases his ends on what they expect from him. Brian Johnson is really bright but has no assurance. He is unable to accept failure and ever goes by the regulations.

He is terrified that one small faux pas will do him to be unable to carry through his dream of traveling to university and being successful. John Bender has many issues likely because of his household. He deals with them through irony and badgering others. Allison Reynolds loves attending and will make anything to acquire it. She lies. does uneven things and leaves the audience wondering who she truly is. Claire Standish is a popular princess who seems to take a perfect life but she really hates who she is and how she does everything her friends do.

Although each character has their ain personality and jobs they besides have a similar jobs. They all have bad household lives and aren’t happy with themselves. They are mentally abused by their parents sentiments of who they should be. Besides. they do everything to either tantrum in or turn out they’re unique. None of them are really self-assured or wholly satisfied with who they are.

Credence in our society is an atrocious job ; people don’t approve of others who are different. By accepting this film and what it is seeking to learn us we can break our society. If everyone is friendly towards each other and recognize we are all similar we can run into people who can assist better ourselves. At the terminal of the movie. when all the characters realized that. they start to organize friendly relationships and work together. They were able to discourse their jobs out loud. This taught them that it is best to acknowledge people for who they are because you are merely like them indoors.

The film secret plan was really interesting but even more the filming and moving made the film the success it is today. Each histrion played their function really good. The interesting thing is the contrast the manager used for every person. From the places of each character to the manner they eat tiffin. every facet of their different personalities were carefully revealed. Each scene was scrupulously constructed exposing the feelings of the single characters. When the Breakfast Club is seeking to get away Mr. Vernon in the halls they are trapped by a locked gate and from the angle of the camera it appears like they are in a gaol.

Another clever camera fast one used to demo the emotions of a character is when Andrew is explicating why he is in detainment. A “traveling camera” consequence is used and when he gets sloppy the camera becomes out of focal point. The music adds to the ambiance every bit good. There are many good utilizations of silence. When Binder is kicked out of the library. no 1 says anything demoing they are get downing to accept one another. Additionally. when they are mousing out the music is quiet and makes the audience experience the exhilaration and jitteriness the characters feel. These are merely a few illustrations of the many fast ones the manager used to stress a certain facet he felt was of import.

This film is popular with all coevals because it has a cosmopolitan subject that everyone has experienced at some point. It is non an mundane “teen movie” but a smartly put together dramatic comedy. The message is best put in the words of Brian: “You see us as you want to see us…in the simplest footings and the most convenient definitions. You see us as a encephalon. an jock. a basket instance. a princess and a condemnable. Correct? That’s the manner we saw each other at seven o’clock this forenoon. We were brainwashed. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal… Does that reply your inquiry? ”

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