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The Developing Child Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; From the really minute that the sperm hits the egg, a unstable trip on the thin border of biological extinction has begun & # 8221 ; ( Ralph Blair, Nevertheless Joy! ) . The developing individual is no less a admiration after birth than in the uterus. The clip spent in the uterus, before birth, is so astonishing. The journey from fertilized ovum to embryo to fetus is a beautiful trip. From the brotherhood of sperm and egg to birth of the newborn, development advancements in an orderly, though delicate, sequence. Fewer than half of fertilized eggs, called fertilized ovums, survive beyond the first two hebdomads ( Grobstein, 1979 ) . But for you and me, good luck prevailed. Get downing as one cell, each of us became two cells, so four- each cell merely like the first. Then, within the first hebdomad, when this cell division had produced a fertilized ovum of some one hundred cells, the cells began to specialise in construction and map.

About 10 yearss after construct, the progressively diverse cells attach to the female parent & # 8217 ; s uterine wall, get downing about 37 seeks of the closest human relationship. When the zygote & # 8217 ; s outer portion attaches to the uterine wall, it becomes the placenta, through which nourishment base on ballss. In this 2nd antenatal phase, the inner cells become the embryo. The embryo grows and develops quickly. During the following six hebdomads, the emb

ryo’s organic structure organs begin to organize and map. At 40 yearss, the spinal column is seeable and the weaponries and legs are get downing to turn. The bosom begins to crush and the liver begins to do ruddy blood cells. Five yearss subsequently, the inch-long embryo’s proportions have begun to alter. The remainder of the organic structure is now bigger than the caput, and the weaponries and legs have grown perceptibly.

By two months after construct, the embryo looks unmistakably human and is now a foetus. By the terminal of the 2nd month, when the foetal period begins, facial characteristics, custodies, and pess have formed. By the terminal of the 6th month, internal variety meats such as the tummy have become sufficiently formed and functional to let a prematurely born foetus a opportunity of endurance. By that clip, the developing foetus besides becomes antiphonal to sound. As the foetus enters the 4th month, its three ounces could fir in the thenar of one & # 8217 ; s manus. Immediately after birth, babies prefer this familiar voice to another adult female & # 8217 ; s voice or their male parent & # 8217 ; s voice ( Busnel & A ; others, 1992 ) .

This & # 8220 ; unstable trip & # 8221 ; of prenatal development is one of life & # 8217 ; s most astonishing trips. From construct and the formation of the fertilized ovum to the embryo phase to the foetus, life is an unbelievable journey. I hope you take a measure back and look at your life and recognize how highly lucky you are to populate in the universe around you.

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