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The Internet And The Media Essay, Research Paper

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The Internet and the Media

By: Kristen Kszos

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The media today can be disgraceful and misleading. However, the media provides much needed information. It can be helpful, utile, and even entertaining. When you go online it s about as if a universe of information is opened to you. The media plays a big portion in this. Every clip a web site is accessed an ad will start up for some merchandise or service. There is every bit much advertisement on the net as there is on Television. There is publicizing for the net everyplace. There are commercials for it on the Television and on the wireless. The cyberspace has become a major influence in life today. A portion of it has floated into about every portion of life. Life is being made easier by the net. There are so many services available to people now that they virtually don Ts have to go forth their places. In fact many people work out of their places now. You can make merely about anything from your ain house. You can shop online for about anything. It is even possible to make your banking online. A new service was started for college pupils. It s an on-line book service called This service allows pupils to acquire books without traveling to the book shop. Their whole run is based on non holding to wait in line any longer. It is merely another illustration of the many services available to people via the net. Most schools have internet entree now. Their pupils are able to travel online during school hours. This is great because online services can be of great aid to them. There are chat suites where pupils can speak to instructors about prep, and acquire aid. Online libraries can assist pupils with studies. The net can associate you to libraries across the state every bit good as internationally. Online lexicons and enc

yclopedias are also a lot of help. It has been said that there is a website for everything. Seeing as there are so many sites, it is obvious that not all of them are appropriate for children. There is too much pornography online. Parents can t monitor their children all of the time. So they fear what their children may encounter online when they are not around to watch. That will not always be a problem. This is because there are new programs that can limit what may be accessed online. These programs work similar to the V chip for television. Parents can make a list of sites that may and may not be accessed. This makes it safer for children to go online. It would be helpful if websites had ratings like movies do. Then you could set your computer to only allow sites with certain ratings to be accessed. It happens too often that the name of a website is typed in , and when you try to access it a pornography site comes up instead. If sites were rated you would not have this problem. The internet has become a huge part of the media today. children used to be addicted to TV, now it s online games and email. Teenagers used to get yelled at for talking on the phone too long. Now the line is still busy, but it s because they are in chat rooms or on icq. Email has become so popular that it s almost unheard of to actually write letters. The media is changing with the times. As the popularity of the internet grows so does the media online. With the average computer it is possible to listen to music online, and even watch film clips on your monitor. However, with the better computers you can watch TV and entire movies. There are live broadcasts over the internet. The possibilities of the internet seem almost endless. New possibilities surface everyday. with each new possibility the media is right there waiting to use it to it s advantage.

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