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The topic of W.H. Audens? Unknown Citizen? non merely has to make with one peculiar adult males

life, but could use to the life of merely about anyone. The subject of the verse form is that the adult male being

discussed in this subdivision, is an all unit of ammunition normal cat. Many of his properties resemble the typical

individual. W.H. Auden enriches this verse form non merely by holding an inexplicit subject but through the usage of

such elements of poesy such as, rime, talker, puting, and state of affairs.

This verse form was written in the mid 1900? s. This choice was inscribed on a marble

memorial, which was erected by the province. This suggests that the talker is the people of the province.

Therefore, the talker is turn toing the reader of the memorial. It is a narrative about a adult male who was

best described as a saint. He served his community to the best of his ability during those old ages. ?

When there was peace, he was for peace ; when there was war he went ( 939 ) . ? He was a typical

American adult male who worked for the same company until the twenty-four hours he retired. He was married and

brought five kids into the universe. By holding an insurance program, a record player, wireless, auto and a

icebox he was said to hold everything necessary to the modern adult male. During that peculiar clip

it was said that this was the mean manner of life. Which in bend, made this adult male all the more common.

The elements that the poem utilizations such as rime, talker, puting, and state of affairs make Thursday

vitamin E

verse form all the more interesting. It non merely takes one reading of the verse form to understand it? s deepness but

two or three. I personally found that when I read it aloud it seemed to take on a batch more significance. In

this verse form W.H. Auden makes good usage of the rhyme strategy. Almost every other line rimes

with the one right before it. By making this it gives the verse form some what of a beat. Having rime

and beat in a verse form decidedly makes it more amusive to read.

The scene described in the verse form is of import. Because in the mid 1900? s Americans had


ended the war and people were get downing to acquire back on their pess. By holding this verse form inscribed on a

memorial it stood for all the? Unknown Citizens? that had put forth an attempt to assist their state.

Similar to the memorial known as? The Unknown Solider. ? This lettering gave recognition where recognition

was due. The memorial was there for all the people of the province to read.

In decision, the last line says it all, ? Was he free? Was he happy? The inquiry is absurd:

Had anything been incorrect, we should surely hold heard ( 939 ) . ? The significance of this line

represents the fact that we do non cognize if this adult male was free or happy. But he lived a life that was the

traditional American manner. What if he had done some undue thing in his life, he would decidedly

non be remembered on a marble memorial. And he most probably would non hold been be considered

to be a saint.

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