The Planned Economy VS. The Free Market Economy Essay

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The Planned Economy which is the economic system that the authorities “organises” is really different from the Free Market Economy where the private sector is in charge and owns houses etc…

The planned economic system is better in the sense that people are less stressed due to non holding to worry about their following repast or other. due to the authorities providing their basic demands like lodging. medical attention. nutrient. apparels. instruction. a occupation. so cipher is unemployed yet all get paid the same sum more or less. Peoples are non paid really much. possibly 3 dollars per month. but it is all that is needed. states like Cuba get most of their states money from touristry. and still hold reasonably good public instruction. a good conveyance system and it is said that they have first-class medical attention. and people in Cuba acquire all medical attention needed for free including operations and medical specialty.

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Meanwhile in the free market economic system their are really hapless people in the lower categories that have perfectly no nutrient and could hunger to decease. and the really rich that are to involved in themselves that they do non care about others.

but it is besides better because their is freedom of look. You besides acquire paid harmonizing to how difficult you try and the attempt you put into things. Their is a better allotment of resources because each concern or house attempts to apportion resources in a better manner due to competition. seeking to bring forth either more at a better quality for a lower monetary value or merely seeking to be better than person else. and selling your better quality goods. This is good because their is a assortment of picks and better quality good than their would be in a planned economic system because in a planned economic system everything is the same for everybody.

I believe that the better economic system is the Free Market Economy is more ambitious.

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