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As I was replying the Family rites questionnaire. I felt good as I was slightly compelled to reminisce the activities which I shared with my household when I was a kid. It feels good to see that our household got a high mark in the questionnaire. In lone proves that we have been rather near as a household. I was merely mesmerized as I recalled those minutes when we at the same time scan our old images and laugh at the manner all of us looked in the yesteryear. I besides enjoyed remembering the fond memories of our jaunts when I was still a kid.

Personally. I do non desire to alter that sort of relationship which I had with my household in the yesteryear. I would wish us to keep this close relationship we have right now. For me. this is how households are supposed to be. Families are supposed to pass most of the clip together so they can be updated with the events go oning to one another. In this sense. they will ever be available to succour when 1 among the household members is holding some quandary. In add-on to that. the familiarity between them will non be lost ; and alternatively. will merely be kindled.

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That feeling of familiarity will do them more comfy and more expressive with one another. The ritual that I would wish to use to my household is a alone Islamic tradition called Eid al-Fitr. Eid al-Fitr is being done some clip after Ramadan. It is fundamentally a tradition observing the success of the late done Ramadan which is a whole month of approvals and joy. Furthermore. Eid al-Fitr is besides the extension of these approvals and joy to those who happen to be less fortunate. Every Muslim household must offer some contribution of any sort to those who are in demand. They do this so the needy can take part in the jubilation every bit good.

This is done before the terminal of the Eid so all the people can be prepared for the exultation. When the twenty-four hours of the Eid comes. all of the participants will garner out-of-doorss – in mosques – to execute a supplication that is particularly for the Eid. Afterwards. the participants will get down to scatter and mix with one another. They will run into up with their households. friends and other familiarities to give nowadayss and show their affable salutations. If they have relations who are non present and can non travel to the event. they can name them on the hoping and likewise extend their wants.

This event normally lasts for three yearss to let the Muslims make the most out of the jubilation. The significance of this ritual is that it can attest the integrity and chumminess among its participants. By widening their warm wants to other people and giving contributions to those who are in demand. the participants learn to take attention aside from their egos and value other people as good. The act of giving contributions can be symbolically interpreted as an act of offering something that unfeignedly comes from the ego. The act is like exceeding the ego and its ain involvements in order to widen one’s custodies to other people.

By using this ritual with my household. I aim that my household will hold a sense of duty and larn how to work as a group. Furthermore. I can besides reenforce household planning. My household will larn that they besides have duty over other people –their fellowmen – and that all of us must unify for a remarkable cause. By advancing the behaviour of giving contributions to the hapless and mixing with the household members. the integrity of a remarkable cause is reinforced. As we harbor in head the demand to accomplish a remarkable intent. we will larn how to work as a group.

In the latter procedure. we will develop a more cohesive bond among ourselves. The portion of mixing with other people can merely promote us to commune more deeply with one another and be cognizant of one another’s experiences. As the rite will be repetitive. all of its aims will be recurrently addressed. In add-on to that. by mixing with the household members in the class of the ritual. we will recognize the importance of household planning. In our household. there are more than 10 of us who are siblings and it will certainly be harder for us to recognize one another while making the rite.

Last. I think that the ritual demand non to alter as the members of the household grow older. We must merely accommodate with one another and our household coals – and our hovering dispositions. gustatory sensations and longings. The standard of the rite is that we feel the warm company of our household members as we do and bask making things together. In that sense. my two ends can be achieved. We learn that we are responsible for the public assistance of our household members and we learn to work jointly in doing all of us grow separately as individuals and the household as a whole.

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