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The Best Family System

Imagine the confusion a immature male child would travel through during the divorce of his parents and being raised entirely by his female parent with no emotional support or aid from his male parent. Or conceive of the hurting a immature male child at the age of 6 would travel through losing his male parent to malignant neoplastic disease. In Frances K. Goldschneider and Linda J. Waite? s? Alternate Family Future? , they discussed many types of household systems and benefits and drawbacks of each system. One household system they discussed and discouraged was the? mother-only? household system. I agree with their statements and statements because of my personal experience with friends who have grown up in the? mother-only? household system. I besides agree with the household system they believe to be the best, the? new household? system because it allows kids to be more independent and closer to each parent. This system besides makes a more classless relationship between both parents.

Both of my friends turning up had no existent male parent figure to steer them through the adversities of life. They didn? Ts have a male parent to learn them the duties to be a male parent and a adult male. Yes, their female parents were at that place for them in times of demand, but sometimes male childs and particularly immature work forces need a male parent? s position and experience. As they grew up, both of my friends had many function theoretical accounts, but they weren? t plenty. Goldschneider and Waite clearly stated? Role theoretical accounts do non supply boys these penetrations, since they serve merely to reenforce stereotypes ; merely holding a close normal adult male has this consequence? ( 354 ) . As a consequence of non holding a male parent, it is obvious to see the emotional effects they have suffered. Both have psychological jobs covering with neglecting and retrieving. Even Goldschneider and Waite explained that merely a? existent adult male? can demo boys how to retrieve from neglecting ( 354 ) . Besides both of these immature work forces were effected financially as a consequence of non holding a male parent. Because their female parents had to raise them, they [ the female parents ] had small clip to back up their households economically. Consequently now both immature have to take out mammoth loans to afford a higher instruction. Goldschneider and Waite stated that non all adult females can take on the parental and economic functions ( 355 ) . All these factors contributed to why? mother-only? households are non the best household system.

Truly the? new household? system is the most effectual household system. My household is the entire antonym of the old household. My female parent and male parent both work and my female parent brings in a batch of our income, while my male parent does a batch of the house work and cookery. As one of two kids turning up in the? new household? system, I had to take on a major function in the housekeeping. I wa

s responsible for many jobs and lawn work. I am a much more independent because of my duties. This system has made it much easier for my household to pass on to one another. Besides my parents have a much more classless functions in the our household. Goldshneieder and Waite have suggested? . . . such households have the possible to work out critical jobs facings households today? ( 357 ) . During this past summer my household and I had to cover with critical jobs confronting our hereafters. And because we were so close to one another, it made it much easier so to work out our households? jobs. Another of import characteristic of the? New Family? system is that work forces take on a greater function in household affairs and adult females take a greater function in economic state of affairss. Goldschneider and Waite believe? . . . matrimonies that are more classless in sharing domestic labour appear to hold positive effects for both partners outside the workplace? ( 357-8 ) . As I mentioned before my female parent and male parent return on functions in both the economic state of affairss and domestic state of affairss. This has created much more balance in our household. Besides Goldschneider and Waite argue that work forces who help with housekeeping study lower degrees of depression ( 358 ) . Since the male parent is assisting out with the domestic job, he will be able to pass more clip with his kids and household. It seems as though kids would profit in this system every bit good as grownups. The kids will be able to larn more from both parents and the household will be closer and more stable as a consequence. I have had to be much more responsible for and involved in the domestic work because both of my parents work.

Besides there are some drawbacks to holding both parents portion the domestic and economic functions of a household. Goldschneider and Waite said that? One survey found that clip spent in domestic activities reduced the rewards of both work forces and adult females, and affected the sexes about every bit? ( 357 ) . Goldschneider and Waite besides went on to indicate out that the work forces? s rivals will besides be in the same state of affairs, hence this state of affairs will non be every bit much of a factor as it would hold been decennaries ago. ( 357 ) Obviously the positive effects out manner the negatives.

Childs who grow up in the? New Family? system will hold a much more stable and closer household. This system will do them more successful and responsible grownups. They will be able to larn from their male parent every bit good as their female parent, where-as in a? mother-only? household a boy won? Ts have a? existent adult male? to learn them penetrations that he can? t get from a function theoretical account. Both parents will portion a more classless function and relationship in the? new household? system, where as in the? old household? system they would hold specific functions in economic and domestic state of affairss.

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