Bigotry And Discrimination Essay Research Paper

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Bigotry And Discrimination Essay, Research Paper

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First of all, dogmatism is merely a eldritch word for racism. So, what do you believe of racism? In my sentiment, racism does non belong in this society, much less this universe. It would? ve been much better off without it. Make you cognize what the stupid thing is? We all do it. Even if we don? t realize it. Imagine this state of affairs, say you and your friends of the same race are sitting someplace, minding your ain concern, when all of a sudden, a group of people come up to you and get down detecting your group in the most disrespectful manner. I mean you wouldn? Ts truly mind. Until they start making the most black thing they can make. They start scoffing. About what? Well, take a conjecture. The manner you look, the manner you dress, the manner you talk, the linguistic communication that you speak, the manner you eat, and the manner you walk You wouldn? t feel so good about yourself, would you? I don? t think so. In fact, you? d even experience pissed off about it. Another thing that? s eve

n worse, is when they do the same thing almost every single day and the supervisors that are around, don?t do anything about it. It has happened to me more than once, more than twice. So many times, I?ve lost track. Every time that it has happened, I expect someone to stop it, but once again, I get let down. I mean, I guess it doesn?t bother me anymore, but what about the people that are new to this place? They are used to people that look the same. So when they first experience racism, they really feel bad. They might not even know what to do. Also, they might also think that it is okay to do it someone else and expect not to get punished for it. I mean isn?t that what the great Martin Luther King fought for? He fought for no racism, stereotype, discrimination, bigotry, and segregation. But he we are, always judging someone else. I guess we have no respect for each other. If we did have respect for people that are different, then I would not be writing this article about racism.

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