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The character of Desdemona, in William Shakespeare s, Othello is presented to us as a beautiful, honest, and faithful adult female, who ne’er truly reveals herself to her hubby. Although Desdemona loves Othello with all of her bosom, she has a difficult clip gap and pass oning with Othello. She is non the lone 1 at mistake ; Othello struggles in the same manner. Although I think she ne’er earned the corrupt intervention from Othello, she allows him to walk all over her, which in the terminal will do her to be the strongest and most epic individual of the drama.

In the beginning of the drama, Desdemona reveals to her male parent that she has in secret married Othello, a Moor who is an esteemed Venetian general. Othello stands to Brabantio as he dismisses him of his place as a general. Desdemona exposes her true love for Othello and Brabantio gives his responsibilities back and sends him to Cyprus. Desdemona s male parent is really angry about this matrimony and even more so because she wants to attach to him to Cyprus. Through this choler, I see that Desdemona is considered her male parent s ownership. He says nil more to Desdemona, but you can experience that there is anger towards Othello and Desdemona. Desdemona s male parent confronts her and expresses that she has betrayed him and ne’er accepts what Desdemona has brought about herself.

Desdemona seems to be atrocious of her male parent because of the action that she hides her ain matrimony to Othello. This makes her male parent ferocious because she did non inquire his permission to get married, she ne’er denies that she is in love with him. This shows great character and trueness that Desdemona has towards Brabantio. Even though it is excessively late for him to O.K. their matrimony,

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Desdemona shows her independency by standing house with her determination of impairing Othello. Desdemona says to her male parent, That I did love the Moor to populate with him. My downright force and contempt of lucks may trumpet to the universe ( Othello 1.3.248-50 ) . This proves that she dose non deny that she is in love with Othello.

Desdemona and Othello have awful clip pass oning through out this drama. It is apparent in the manner the truth is dealt unwell refering the hankie. Emilia steals the hankie and gives it to Iago as he wanted. That which so frequently you did offer me steal. ( 3.3.313 ) . Desdemona thinks that she can depend on Emilia for emotional support, but she volitionally turns her back on her.

The struggle with the hankie, I believe is the account that Othello loss all trust for Desdemona. When Othello confronts Desdemona about the hankie, Desdemona can non acknowledge that she lost it. I say that it is non lost. ( Othello ) This really untruthful act causes Othello to doubt Desdemona s love for him. Desdemona knows how much it means to him, so in order to maintain from aching his feelings she tells him she put it off. Othello so imagines that Desdemona gave it to Cassio, and is being unfaithful to him.

Due to this misinterpretation, Othello s trust for Desdemona slices because he feels that this is cogent evidence of Desdemona s infidelity to their matrimony. Furthermore, Othello is at mistake because he knows where the hankie is, but is falsely understands how it got to Cassio. Desdemona and Othello s relationship is like one of that of immature adolescents. They both are excessively obstinate to face each other about the truth of the hankie. Therefore, in the terminal costs them their lives. Ironically, even in the terminal Desdemona ne’er blames Othello for his actions towards her.

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Finally the primary map of the hankie is seen to be the control ingredient over Desdemona and Emilia. Othello repeatedly told Desdemona how of import the hankie was to him, which put force per unit area on her to maintain path of it. Othello was establishing her love for him on the hankie. Othello thought that if Desdemona misplaced it that she did non love him, as you can see, that was non the instance at all. In Emilia s state of affairs with Iago, he would intentionally ig

nore her until she stole the hankie. It was Emilia making out towards her hubby for fondness. In add-on, she knew that if she stole the hankie like he said to make, she would hold the fondness she was looking for.

Throughout this drama, Desdemona ne’er truly learns how to support for what she believes is the truth. Desdemona ne’er understood why her hubby would be so barbarous to strike her face and order her to go forth. She claims that he must hold a good logical account, or he would non hold touched her. In the 2nd half of the drama she is sometimes criticized as excessively inactive ( Intro.43 ) . Desdemona proves that she is inactive, by non acquiring angry with him. Alternatively, she feels like it s her mistake and ne’er incriminations Othello for any of his actions. Lodovico can non believe that he would make anything to ache Desdemona. Lodovico shouts, What strike his married woman! ( Othello 4.1.272 ) . Othello is non such a adult male who could make this awful act, particularly on is married woman. By striking Desdemona, it proves that he is gone insane in allowing Iago muss with his head to believe that she is being unfaithful.

The misinterpreting that Othello receives from Iago causes him to decline Desdemona. Iago is a really intelligent adult male who takes shootings at other s failings. Iago is cognizant of Othello s volurablity and attacks his failings to transform on Desdemona. She speaks one time when

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Othello calls her a prostitute, but so allows Othello to command her and she lets his choler bend against her. Desdemona is puzzled at the fact that he could name her a prostitute. She turns to Iago for advice, but fails to recognize that he is the cause for Othello s behaviour. Emilia has a feeling that person is interfering with Othello s ideas, but is excessively weak to indicate it out to Desdemona.

Now that Iago had submerged into Othello s ideas, he has no control over what he genuinely feels about Desdemona. Iago is throwing him prevarications and accordingly with Othello s fleeceable head, he forgets that Desdemona is loyal and pure. He fails to see her as her wholesome ego. Iago has put ocular images into Othello s caput of Desdemona and Cassio together sexually. He is none like Othello, he sees adult females, as sex objects while Othello, has a point of position of a echt adult male.

Granted, Desdemona is non a cunning prostitute of Venice, it must be recognized that she does hold sexual and rational desire. Othello says of Desdemona, She gave me for my strivings a universe of suspirations, she swore in religion twas strange, twas go throughing unusual, Twas pitiful, twas fantastic pitiful ; She wished she had non heard it, yet she wished That Eden had made her

such a adult male. She thanked me and offer me, if I had a friend that loved her, I should but learn him how to state my narrative and that would court her. ( Othello1.3.160-66 )

Desdemona gives Othello the key to her fondnesss by allowing him cognize how to win her bosom. This indicates that Desdemona is available to Othello in such ways, but does non turn out that Desdemona is a prostitute. In add-on, Desdemona is able to go on show is her rational ability to talk her head in public. Her ability to turn to these affairs of esteemed

work forces as an equal reinforces the power and danger of her function in society. This is the indispensable factor Desdemona as the strongest and most epic individual of the drama.

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In the stoping scenes of the drama Othello and Desdemona are in the sleeping room together and are discoursing why Othello is unable to swear her. Desdemona can non support herself in a manner to see that she is faithful. She is belittled to the point of confusion refering her ain feelings. They are bewildered because they have non discovered how to inform each other about their feelings Othello s fury with his choler takes control ; he turns on her and strangles her until she is barley alive, and finally dies.

Emilia walks in and asks Desdemona who could make such this retched action. Desdemona says to Emilia, Nobody. I myself. Farewell. Commend me to my sort lord-O, farewell! ( Othello 5.2.122-23 )


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