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Job Description:

It is the occupation of the receptionist to function as desk clerk. as a secretary. and as an administrative support. As a secretary. the receptionist will be responsible for all entrance calls and reassigning them. readyings for meetings and studies or log books. In executing clerical undertakings. the receptionist must be able to manage files. The receptionist must besides help managers. directors. and visitants. The receptionist must be able to reply inquiries particularly from the visitants.

Undertaking Designation:

The receptionist must be responsible for the undermentioned undertakings:

Secure completion of records like log-books and clip entries.

Answer calls and reassigning these calls or messages.

Receive delivered mails and bundles.

Greet people come ining the premises and replying the inquiries given by these people and besides helping them.

Keeps a record of all people come ining the premises.

Must have a system of filing and must be responsible for these files.

Aid in keeping seminars and conferences.

Knowledge. Skills and Abilities

Bachelor’s grade in office disposal

Must have a pleasing personality and must possess good interpersonal accomplishments

Must have good written and unwritten communicating accomplishments

Must be computing machine literate

Must know the organisational construction of the company and its policies

Must be familiar with all the employees of the company

Must be able to manage different types of people and must be patient

Must be able to manage emphasis

Course Aims:

The receptionist must be familiar with the organisational construction of the company and besides of the policies of the company to able to react to the enquiries of the populace.

The receptionist must hold a pleasing personality and good interpersonal accomplishments in order to confront the different types of people come ining the premises. The receptionist must be patient and friendly at all times because any unfriendly act from even the lowest ranking employee will reflect to the image of the company.

The receptionist must besides be computing machine literate and must hold a good filing system. The files may be asked from the receptionist anytime and it must be given to the one necessitating it every bit shortly as possible.

The receptionist must be familiar with all of the employees of the company for the receptionist to separate who is an employee and who is a visitant. This will be for security intents.

Design Plan:

Methods: talk of the company policies and organisational construction. computing machine literacy. and on the occupation preparation

Length: 2 hebdomads

Topographic point: at the HR preparation room

Trainer: HRM section

Trainee: the freshly hired receptionist


Undertaking analysis helps in cognizing where a preparation plan must concentrate. Therefore. undertaking analysis leads to an effectual preparation plan. With an effectual preparation plan. we can make effectual employees. Using undertaking analysis for the preparation plan of the newly-hired employee will assist me let go of the potency of the newly-hired employee and his/her accomplishments necessary for his/her occupation. And with the preparation plan. it would be clear for the employee of what his/her duties are. so. no confusion may originate subsequently and this will supply outlooks of the company from the employee.


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