Loss of Innocence in The Catcher in the Rye Essay

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Holden Caulfield. the supporter in The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger is a complex immature adult male. filled with many observations about the universe around him. Most of his remarks be given to be negative and judgmental ; nevertheless he appears much more enthusiastic and about his younger siblings. and even his yesteryear. Events and state of affairss that occurred. both in his yesteryear and over the class of the novel. show marks of Holden’s fondness for artlessness. Children besides allow Holden to appreciate the demand for a more positive attitude in his battle through depression.

Last. objects and topographic points that have an impact on Holden’s attitude and positiveness. typify the pureness of young person. Although Holden maintains a reasonably negative province of head throughout the novel. he ever becomes uplifted by the reference or memory of artlessness. something that he deeply cherishes and efforts to continue in this cloudy universe that he finds himself trapped in. Events. both in the past and present. can convey artlessness back into Holden’s thought path. doing him to experience an array of emotions.

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One of the most influential events that happened in Holden’s yesteryear was the decease of his brother. and it has decidedly taken a piece of Holden’s artlessness. Allie’s decease had a enormous impact on Holden’s life. and it is one of the chief causes of his depression: “I slept in the garage the dark he died. and I broke all the goddam windows with my fist. merely for the snake pit of it. It was a really stupid thing to make. I’ll admit. but I barely didn’t even know I was making it. and you didn’t cognize Allie” ( Salinger 50 ) . Although Allie is seldom mentioned in this novel. his decease had a immense impact on Holden.

The artlessness of his younger brother had been lost with leukaemia. which profoundly saddened Holden. A secret plan event that besides affected Holden’s artlessness was the day of the month that Stradlater and Jane went on. Holden knew about Stradlater’s nature with the misss that he dated. and he was really defeated that Ward was about to travel on a day of the month with Jane. and old friend from Holden’s yesteryear. Holden’s guiltless connexion with Jane was being destroyed by Stradlater’s motivations. and he wished he could hold preserved the artlessness of his old friend.

The protagonist’s outburst to this loss of artlessness was the event that lead to his premature journey out into the dark. and the whole state of affairs helped to trip the negativeness that was being presented over the class the three yearss. Children ever bring felicity and artlessness to the chief character. because they allow him to explicate meaningful memories. and to appreciate the artlessness that they provide. Holden imagined a universe of pureness and artlessness. and he wished he could make such a thing: “Anyway. I keep visualizing all these small childs playing some game in this large field of rye and all.

Thousands of small childs. and nobody’s around – cipher large. I mean – except me. And I’m standing on the border of some brainsick drop. What I have to make. I have to catch everybody if they start to travel over the drop – I mean if they’re running and they don’t look where they’re traveling I have to come out from someplace and catch them” ( Salinger 224 ) . This brighter universe that Holden imagined brought his liquors up enormously. and allowed him to take his head off of his current depression. Holden’s younger sister. Phoebe. was a kid who possessed both artlessness and adulthood.

She was a really of import individual in Holden’s life. because the aura of artlessness that she gave off deeply affected her brother. He loved his sister non merely because he had the duty to love his household. but because she was the best representative of artlessness in Holden’s life. Objects and topographic points that Holden came across in this novel besides showed marks and pieces of artlessness. and Holden greatly appreciated them. Allie’s baseball hand was a symbol with utmost ties to innocence. because they allowed Holden to happily reminisce about his asleep brother.

The museum is another thing that symbolizes the inevitableness that is presented by the loss of artlessness: “The best thing. though. in that museum was that everything ever stayed right where it was. Nobody’d move…The merely thing that would be different would be you” ( Salinger 158 ) . The Museum of Natural History symbolized Holden’s fright of altering or turning up. adverting that there was ever something different about him every clip he went at that place. His analysis of the museum represented his desire to keep on to his ain artlessness. and to forestall alterations that could do its loss.

Anything holding to make with young person and artlessness. whether it is a individual. object. or event. has a really deep significance for Holden Caulfield. and it even briefly uplifts his emotions. Salinger shows love through the artlessness that was portrayed in assorted things throughout the novel. and he uses Holden as the ultimate symbol of love and artlessness. which is easy being whisked off by the inevitable procedure of the loss of this pureness. For Holden. artlessness holds the key to a brighter universe. and Holden refuses to be victimized by the loss of artlessness as he journeys through the metropolis that refuses to kip.

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