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Odysseus, The Hero, Homer Essay, Research Paper

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Odysseus, The Hero

In today*s eclectic society, everybody*s heroes are different. However, during the epoch Homer*s The Odyssey was created all heroes had same features. Heros were the people who saved people, they were brave wise and had contending spirit. Odysseus, the chief character in Homer*s heroic poem verse form was cagey brave and a great strategist.+ Although he has these strengths, he has some negative qualities, but most of his heroic qualities still hold true today.

Odysseus possesses epic qualities, such as courage, wisdom, a strategic thought and honest. Most of the narrative in The

Odyssey is told by Odysseus, so we can state from his narrative that he is facile. Book 9 shows Odysseus* positive and @ negative qualities.+ When he escapes from Cyclops* cave he showed that he was brave and a great strategist.+ When he poked Cyclops* oculus with expressway of olive, he decided non to kill him because if he killed Cyclops, he would non be able to acquire out of the cave.+ This besides shows he was wise and able to believe about the state of affairs before making anything.+ Another illustration that

shows that he is courageous that he went to the Hades, which was a feared by many.+ By his fluency and inventiveness Odysseus could acquire Nausicaa to help him, and his devotedness to his married woman makes him so honorable.+ He showed sensitiveness when he met his female parent and when he heard the vocal of the Trojan War.

However, Odysseus* qualities are non considered heroic today are his impulsiveness, haughtiness, and curiosity.+ He struggle @ with the

Se points. Odysseus went to Cyclops* cave because he was funny but didn*t think what may go on next. When Odysseus was able to get away from Cyclops* cave, he yelled to Cyclops placing himself because of his pride. That made Cyclops so angry that he prayed to his male parent Poseidon to destruct Odysseus. The consequence of that is Odysseus* comrades all died before Odysseus could return place. If he didn*t uncover his name to Cyclops, possibly his comrades wouldn*t died.

Even though he has negative features it shows Odysseus is merely a human. He is non a God or a perfect adult male. His negative points aren*t favourable, but they make his positive points look stronger. If he were a God or a perfect adult male, his positive points wouldn*t be particular or great. When his weak points get him into problem, his strong points rescue him. For illustration, his impulsiveness with Cyclops about destroyed him and his comrades but his courage and clever scheme

were able to salvage about all of them.

As a consequence we have been that even though Odysseys has negative features, he is one of the authoritative Grecian heroes. His @ positive points compare with some of the world*s modern heroes such as & # 8220 ; Star Wars & # 8221 ; , Luke Skywalker, Superman Batman, Nelson Mandela and Princess Masako.+ Even though Odysseus and the above heroes come from immensely different centuries, the @ qualities that do them heroes are the same. Odysseus is one of the great heroes that we have. The Odyssey has been studied for 1000s of old ages, and people in the hereafter will go on to read about great hero Odysseus because The Odyssey is a dateless narrative.

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