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Addressing variability inside a classroom setting is indeed a complex but not impossible thing to accomplish. I agree with this post when it mentioned that inclusion is the greatest task of educators. Furthermore, I believe that inclusion on this aspect is a two-way process: engagement of the students to participate in the teacher’s discussion and the educator’s immersion into the student’s diverse background.

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Greater effort must be executed by the educator because he or she must be aware of the cultural ethnicities and diverse abilities of the children while making them feel that her approach caters to no single student group. Response to Brad: I must commend Brad for citing specific events in his career where he respected the diversity of the students and used this factor as a tool to reinvent both the teaching and learning experience.

The approach on gifted and struggling students seems to be a promising method that can promote academic progress of the two groups. Consequently, I also agree with the idea that affective area must be utilized if one wants to increase the student’s self-esteem and confidence (Burden, 2010). Educational institutions must not only places where traditional learnings occurs for they should also cater to interactive social and emotional growth of the students, properties that prepare them in facing the real word after they finish their school years.

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