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Ocular Humanistic disciplines Essay

Compare the graphicss & # 8220 ; Chritus Triumphans & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; Chritus Patiens. & # 8221 ; What are the fluctuations and why is there differences between the manner Jesus has been potrayed.

The two graphicss Chritus Triumphus and Christus Patiens are two really interesting graphicss as they are both stand foring Jesus, the Messiah in a wholly different manner. Throughout my essay I will compare the manner each creative person has tried to portray Jesus and I will besides mention to why there is such a difference in their graphics.

The attitudes of each picture are no uncertainty really different. One picture depicts Jesus as being really exultant and winning where as the other reveals Jesus as a being who is so sing enduring. In the picture Christus Triumphans the name of the graphics itself reflects that Jesus is looking really exultant. In this peculiar picture Jesus has been revealed as a individual who is really happy, we can see this from the manner the creative person has made Jesus caput confronting up to the land of God and Jesus looks highly peaceable. However in the Christus Patiens artwork we can see that Jesus character has changed, in this graphics Jesus looks like he is enduring, his eyes are closed and he has his caput down every bit if he is defeated. These two pictures show how the character of Jesus was portrayed otherwise during the different periods in which the graphicss were painted. IN the Christus Triumphus painting the creative person tries to show feelings of joy and peace, Jesus is shown to be really happy and we can associate to this feeling because the picture shows holy people around Jesus like his female parent Mary, The apostles, angels and saints. The picture reveals that Jesus is in peace because he knows that he is deceasing for the good of all people, he is happy because he is deceasing for good and holy people. In this picture Jesus does non demo marks of enduring or discouragement, nevertheless in the other painting Jesus does non look at easiness because he is non really happy for the bad people he is traveling to decease for. This picture shoes the phases of enduring that Jesus experienced before he died on the cross, and he is sad for all the immorality which has been present in society. I think that the creative person in this picture is seeking to do us sympathize with Jesus and truly do us react in a compassionate manner to the agony of Jesus.

The graphicss Christus Triump

Hans and Christus Patiens truly show how they are different by the clip and motion in which they were produced in. The Christus Trimphus picture was painted in the twelfth century, which was during the Byzantine period, and this truly helps when analyzing why the painter has decided to paint it they manner it is. During this period in clip spiritual images were created to construct up the cryptic nature of God or Jesus. Christ was represented as triumphant, all powerful and dauntless, and this can be clearly seen through the graphics Christus Triumphus. This peculiar type of period in clip was when all most creative persons used a batch of symbolism to show the temper of the picture, and creative persons developed their ain conventions to stand for their topics. This Byzantine convention was a great discovery for creative persons as it gave them a existent sense of worth for what they were painting. Some conventions include: Mary represented with kid, Gold background, Faces with bosom shaped, big unit of ammunition eyes, little oral cavities, of import figures frequently shown larger with more of an accent, and small emotion. The deepness and significance of graphics became really of import and the conventions can be seen when comparing graphicss of different clip periods.

On the other manus the Christus Patiens graphics was painted during the Renaissance period, which involved some realistic signifier in the significance behind it. This peculiar clip period was really of import in the history of world, but more of import for creative persons of that clip, most pictures in this period were changed to Byzantine pictures and so to more realistic pictures. This peculiar picture was painted about the same manner as though one would during the Byzantine period but this picture shows a batch more agony in that the picture showed that Jesus being nailed to the cross was so a painful experience for Jesus.

In decision both graphicss are really traveling in that one shows felicity and the other shows pain and agony, nevertheless the graphicss identify the manner creative persons expressed their feeling during different periods of motions. We are besides able to indicate out the tempers, feelings, and emotions of each picture and we can see how pictures change in the manner that people feel and think. Artists will so ever happen new ways in which to show the thoughts and feelings and these two graphicss are authoritative illustrations of how creative persons reflected what they felt and tried to show.

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