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U.S Presence In Mexico Essay, Research Paper

The American presence began to turn throughout Mexico and it grew even stronger after the U.S civil war. This was go oning because the Union Generals such as Grant and Sherman were taking the constitutions of may of the major RailRoads because of their triumph of the South.The South? s licking was a cardinal ground why they did non hold a strong influential presence on the New American Frontier like the North Did. America? s presence was strongly influenced when President Lincoln chose Tom Scott as a Secretary of War and Procurement. Scott? s influence was really strong because he was a good connected adult male. He was the President of the Penns RR which was the # 1 industrial corporation of the universe which gave him many fiscal Alliess. Scott? s occupation was to form all of the necessary contacts ( conveying all the fiscal elites together ) . Moses Taylor was a large fiscal elite. He was the Pres. Of Citibank, and he besides managed the Aster Empire. John Jacob Aster specialized in Frontier capitalist economy. The citibank was the primary force for the American Frontier.

American Presence became even stronger because of all the different engineerings needed. It took a batch of hardwork and a batch of know how in order to construct thing such as RR? s. Griswall invented the Bessemer Patent ( which hardened tracks ) which caused struggle with the fiscal Alliess because he was a Southerner. I mention this in peculiar because this is one critical patent that came from the South. One the reverse, most patents came from the North and in Britain because they were more high tech than the south and had more fiscal capital ( most Financial elites imperiums backed North ) every bit good. Without fiscal capital and the know-how, it wou

ld have been hard to build such things as RR?s. Many critical components went into the building of RR?s. The engines themselves required a lot of skill. Manufacturers needed steel as well as boilers; a critical part and took a lot of skill to build. It required professional welders in order to make the steel to withstand such high pressures. Utilitarianism was the North?s argument against slavery. Jeremy Bennett said ” the greatest good for the greatest # of people. That was very indictive of the American Attitudes in the 1860?s. The U.S thought that Mexico was a great business opportunity because of their great resources and financial instability. The financial elites began controlling Mexico by purchasing war bonds in the late 1860?s. The utilitarianism idea was used by Americans because they did not think that Mexico was getting the good for the greatest # of People. It was a contradiction because U.S says it as a way to make money of the Mexico?s cheap labor force. This goes to show that the u.s Morality is very selective. Another Key to the American Presence was the interactive process between political governments and strong industrial capital. During, the Mexican Civil War, Mexicans failed to pay back their debts. So American Financial elites got word to the President and they wanted either the Mexicans money or their concessions. The President sent Rosecrantz on his behalf to Mexico to talk about the severity of the problem that they have with debt. Rosecrantz went to the Kennedy national Bank before going to Mexico. Diaz went to James Stillman in New York and convinced the elites to end the reign of lerdo. Diaz wanted to end the raids with his rangers. The Mexicans thought Diaz was going to to start a Revolution and Demanded that he be arrested.

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