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Health Care Response to Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence:

A form of attacking and coercive behaviours, including physical, sexual, and psychological onslaughts every bit good as economic coercion, that adults or striplings use against their intimate spouses.


Domestic force is virtually impossible to mensurate with absolute preciseness due to legion complications including the social stigma that inhibits victims from unwraping their maltreatment and the changing definitions of maltreatment used from survey to analyze. Estimates range from 960,000 incidents of force against a current or former partner, fellow, or girlfriend per year1 to 3.9 million adult females who are physically abused per year.2

On July 22, 1997, UNICEF released The Progress of Nations, 1997, which found that a one-fourth to half of adult females around the universe have suffered force from an confidant partner.3

About tierce of American adult females ( 31 per centum ) study being physically or sexually abused by a hubby or fellow at some point in their lives, harmonizing to a 1998 Commonwealth Fund survey.4

Thirty per centum of Americans say they know a adult female who has been physically abused by her hubby or fellow in the past year.5

While adult females are less likely than work forces to be victims of force offenses overall, adult females are five to eight times more likely than work forces to be victimized by an confidant partner.6

Injuries and Other Health Consequences of Domestic Violence:

The U.S. Department of Justice reported that 37 % of all adult females who sought attention in infirmary exigency suites for violence-related hurts were injured by a current or former partner, boyfriend

or girlfriend.7

Domestic force is insistent in nature: approximately 1 in 5 adult females victimized by their partner or ex-spouse reported that they had been a victim of a series of at least 3 assaults in the last 6 months.8

The degree of hurt ensuing from domestic force is terrible: of 218 adult females showing at a metropolitan exigency section with hurts due to domestic force, 28 % needed infirmary admittance, and 13 % needed major medical intervention. 40 % had antecedently required medical attention for abuse.9

In 1996, about, 1,800 slayings were attributed to confidants ; about three out of four of these had a female victim.10

Costss of Domestic Violence:

From 1987 to 1990, offense costs Americans $ 450 billion a twelvemonth. Adult victims of domestic force incurred 15 % of the entire cost of offense on victims ( $ 67 billion ) .11

A survey conducted at Rush Medical Center in Chicago found that the mean charge for medical services provided to abused adult females, kids and older people was $ 1,633 per individual per twelvemonth. This would amount to a national one-year cost of $ 857.3 million.12

A survey conducted at a big wellness program in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1994, found that an one-year difference of $ 1775.00 more was spent on abused adult females who utilized infirmary services than on a random sample of general enrollees. The survey concluded that early designation and intervention of victims and possible victims will most likely benefit wellness attention systems in the long run.13

Designation of Domestic Violence:

92 % of adult females who were physically abused by their spouses did non discourse these incidents with their doctors ; 57 % did non discourse the incidents with anyone.14


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