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The Aborigines of Australia can be viewed in three different positions. All civilizations have the basic three different classs. These three classs form a pyramid. At the underside of the pyramid is engineering. Technology is anything the civilization uses to help themselves. In the center of the pyramid is societal system. The societal system refers to the manner they organize their society, and which roles everyone dramas. At the top of the pyramid is universe position. World position is they manner the civilization sees the universe. This include their beliefs on creative activity and how they relate to the universe.

First I? ll start at the underside of the pyramid. The Aborigines like everyone else, have and use engineering. Some of the types of engineering they use include sticks for happening eggs. The work forces in their society wear breechcloths, while the adult females wear shirts and bloomerss. For fire, they rub two sticks together, and for art canvases they use an axe and cut the bark off of a tree. Although their engineering seems crude to us, it provides them with everything they need.

Following is their societal system. In the Aborigine society, work forces are superior to adult females. The work forces are responsible for maintaining the sacred traditions of their society alive. Howev

Er, their population has dwindled so much, that for each different subdivision of their faith, their is merely one adult male who knows all the processs. For illustration, merely one adult male in the folk knows the full Torahs and ordinance that govern how the proper entombment processs go. When this adult male dies, there will be no 1 left to bury him, and decently direct his psyche to heaven.

Last is their universe position. They believe that the universe was created by other existences that came from the sea and gave life to the universe. They besides believe that different sorts of animate beings gave the geographics to the land, determining it after their ain features. An illustration of such, the weaving way of the hills were created by the serpent, who slithered his manner through them. The Aborigines are really rigorous about following their guidelines harmonizing to their universe position. They are at peace with nature and believe in liquors and the hereafter.

The Aborigines are really guiltless. This is because the believe that you must be at peace with nature and that engineering to them strains corruptness. Because of their artlessness, they are deceasing off. Their population has dwindled to about nil, and about all of the members are seniors. When these people die, there will be no one left of their sort.

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