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Beowulf 2 Essay, Research Paper

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Good and immorality has existed throughout clip. Heros have defended the righteous, as scoundrels were dead set on devastation. This narrative represents these qualities in both chief characters. The battle began when God allowed Satan rule over the Earth. Since so the conflict between them has been recorded throughout literary history. Some of the heroes that have challenged Satan did so to protect the weak. Others fought for celebrity and glorification.

Beowulf, as a conquest hero, destroyed all the monsters in the sea every bit good as the giants. He has done this for celebrity and glorification ; non to protect those people threatened by these disgusting animals. He is a killing nut that is invariably on a pursuit for a new & # 8220 ; fix & # 8221 ; . He must make this to accomplish his ultimate end. That is to be celebrated. He wants the scops to sing about him. He wants to be known by everyone in the universe. This is his lone intent in life.

The subject of good vs. immorality that is present in the narrative of Beowulf, has become the authoritative foundation

of many modern narratives. Beowulf and Grendel represent the ultimate battle of good and evil. Grendel tries to destruct everything around him. To Beowulf, this is another conquering. It allows him to make yet another good title that people will speak about.

Beowulf represents God and Grendel is Satan. The battle between God and Satan has existed throughout clip. Beowulf is all that is good, moral, and ethical. He lives by the regulations of God. Grendel denounces those regulations to populate by his ain. Thinking merely of that which gives him pleasance, he attempts to destruct everything good and sort. Beowulf is like a parent and Grendel is like a kid whom he chastises.

The characters of Beowulf and Grendel are represented in narratives throughout history. They represent the authoritative battle of good and evil. There will ever be the hero looking for celebrity and glorification. There will ever be a & # 8220 ; monster & # 8221 ; that, moving like an overgrown kid, throws a temper fit take a firm standing on holding everything their manner and destroys everything that opposes them.

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