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Is McDonalds more competitory than Burger King


I am comparing McDonalds and Burger King with each other to see which is most competitory. McDonalds and Burger King are both well-established eating houses over the universe. They are besides two of the most popular eating houses in the universe. I will take studies and look for information to demo which of the two companies are most successful.

Monetary values

McDonalds on norm is cheaper than Burger King. McDonalds Burgers are cheaper than Burger Kings on norm. The McDonald excess value repasts are besides cheaper as they re 2.88 for any repast. Burger King sells the combination repasts at higher monetary values and all are at different monetary values. These repasts both consist of a Burger, a drink and french friess. All repasts are under $ 5.00.


McDonalds fry their Burgers and Burger King fire grilled their Burgers. A study done by Burger King show that people think that fire grilled Burgers taste better than fried Burgers. Burger King besides boast that their Burgers are bigger than McDonalds.

Merchandise Scope

Burger King has a wider scope of Burgers but McDonalds have a wider scope of comeuppances. The drinks are of the same scope.

Latest Offers

Recently McDonalds have slashed the monetary values of their cheeseburgers and Burgers by 25 % . Besides they re presenting a new excess value repast you get two cheeseburgers, regular drink and regular french friess for the usual 2.88 monetary value. Burger King hold merely finished their bargain one Whopper acquire one Whopper free offer. They have merely started a new offer, purchase one walloper and acquire little french friess for free.


I have seen both of the offers above on telecasting adverts. Both of the eating houses have their ain web sites on the Internet. Though both of the web sites are based merely on subdivisions in the USA. Neither of the eating houses have web sites based around British subdivisions.


I went to both eating houses and asked members of staff what they thought of

their occupation. They said largely that they got paid excessively small as they were under 18. A member of staff at Burger King said that is was difficult work and that they push you around a batch to be quicker. A member a McDonalds said that they liked their free repasts. McDonalds and Burger King workers can acquire a repast from their eating house after working a certain sum of hours.

Unique Selling Points

McDonalds have Ronald McDonald who is a mascot which kids like and they besides have a wider scope of comeuppances. McDonalds besides have more popular playthings with their Happy Meals. Burger King offer bigger Burgers and fire grilled Burgers and a wider scope of comeuppances. Burger King besides released their crunchier french friess last twelvemonth.

Consequences From Survey

20 people took portion in my study. These are my consequences shown below:

1 individual was under 13 old ages old.

11 people were between 14-20.

1 individual was between 21-30.

6 people were between 31-50.

1 individual was over 50.

60 % were male.

40 % were female.

85 % of people said that they preferred McDonalds.

15 % of people said that they preferred Burger King.

95 % of people said that McDonalds was nearest to them.

5 % of people said that McDonalds was nearest to them.

10 % of people had kids under 13.

100 % of people with kids under 13 said that they took they re degree Celsiuss

hildren to the preferable eating house as the kids liked it best.

I asked people why they liked this eating house best and these were my consequences from the study:

( Peoples were allowed to take more than one ground )

18 said nutrient gustatory sensations better.

12 said nutrient was cheaper.

4 said the furniture was nicer.

5 said that the eating house had better service.

2 said my kids like it best.

16 said it was more convenient.

Tax write-offs from my consequences

I believe that these consequences are a spot colored towards McDonalds as most were taken in Letchworth town Centre which has got a McDonald s but non a Burger King. Most people from my study say that McDonalds is their preferable eating house. Though all of these people said that McDonalds was the closest to where they lived. This is besides likely why most of the people said that the eating house was convenient. All of the people with kids under 13 took their kids to the eating house because the kids liked it best. This is likely due to the playthings that come with the kids & # 8217 ; s repasts.

My Positions

I think that Burger King has the best Burger repast. It is about a lb more than a McDonald excess value repast but the Double Whopper with cheese repast is the nicest repast out of the two eating houses. I would pay this excess sum for this repast. The lone thing is that Burger King french friess do non savor really good. McDonalds is the nearest to me so I am non biased towards the closest more convenient eating house. I besides do non purchase any comeuppances with my repasts so I wouldn t go to McDonalds to purchase a desert. I am non stating that McDonalds is bad, I merely like Burger King more. I still buy McDonald nutrient.


From my probes I think each of the companies are really competitory particularly with each other as they are combating to go the best fast nutrient eating house. From my study consequences I can state that McDonalds is most popular and is better, even though I disagree with the consequences from my study. I believe that there is no manner of stating which is most competitory as they are ever viing at a high degree with each other. When one brings out an offer the other does excessively. If I were to do a pick, I would state McDonalds were most competitory as they have a few more particular promotional things such as the murphy wedges publicity.

Questionnaire On Burger King and McDonalds

I am making class work for concern surveies. I am making this questionnaire to assist me. I am seeking to happen out which of two companies are making better. The two companies are McDonalds and Burger King.

Which age group do you fall into?

under 13 Ns

14-20 N

21-30 N

31-50 N

50+ Ns

Are you male or female?

Male N

Female N

Which of these eating houses do you prefer?

McDonalds Ns

Burger King N

Which eating house is closest to you?

McDonalds Ns

Burger King N

Do you hold kids under 13?

Yes N

No N

If you answered yes to the above inquiry do you take your kids to this eating house?

Yes N

No N

Why make you travel to this eating house?

Food gustatory sensations better n

Cheaper N

The furniture is nicer Ns

Better service N

My kids like it best N

Convenience N

Other & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; .

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