My Person of Traves Alexander: My Career Goals

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My Person of Traves Alexander: My Career Goals

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What a great privilege to write this introductory paper about my humble self! I am Traves Alexander, a twenty-nine year old high school graduate with an enriched mission in making a mark in the field of Human Services. Sequel to my high school education, I have been opportune to work as a social service delivery in several places in the department of customer service. I plan graduating with A.S. degree with B.S. in the same discipline. Moreover, I would like to have a career with the Department of Children’s and Families.

Ten years to come, I see myself making big exploits in the chosen career with a juicy salary scale proportionate to the extent of quality human service delivery. I did not choose human services field by accident or by peer induction. The selection is birthed out of a thirst to practice past working experience with families, children and parents. Private education has allowed me to gain insight to first hand solutions to difficulties some families face in life. Obtaining a degree in this field would make a perfect fitting in qualifying me as the most needed social worker in settling or easing pains throughout poverty and urban homes.

Furthermore, I have a personality that encourages the discharge of excellent human services to the public with my good communication skills, listening skills, and a friendly personality. These are necessary ingredients towards a successful career in relationship with the people.

In addition to parental encouragement in lifting my spirit to realize a perfect career, I must appreciate the contribution of my lovely brother – Johnny Alexander. He is indeed more than a mentor to me. At his feet, I was privilege to receive an encouragement to pursue this degree and further my education through his brilliant words and acts of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The Almighty one shall continue to increase him accordingly. Once again, all pleasure is mine to be accepted as a student with career in the Department of Children’s and Families.

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