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Beowulf, The Hero Essay, Research Paper

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Beowulf, the Hero

The heroic poem verse form Beowulf, which was told from coevals to coevals honouring modern Anglo-Saxon beliefs, describes a epic adult male who saves a small town in their clip of demand. By definition a hero is a adult male of exceeding quality. Exceeding quality doesn T even get down to depict the adult male that is Beowulf. Beowulf has many heroic features from his ace human strength to victoriously murdering monsters and other fierce animals. He has first-class leading accomplishments and commonly self-praises of his accomplishments. Beowulf emerges as the true Anglo Saxon hero ; who risks his life for the lives and good being of


Others perceive Beowulf as a hero through his physical strength and narratives of his glorious efforts. Through all of the conflicts Beowulf fought he lost merely two, and his last licking would be the decease of him. The first conflict Beowulf lost was his competition with Breca. Unferth was an disbeliever of the strength and finding of Beowulf. Unferth taunted Beowulf one dark merely to be, in return, taunted back. Are you the Beowulf that strove with Breca put on the lining your lives on the alone deep of ocean swimming with out-streched weaponries with ploughing shoulders parted the moving ridges seven darks you toiled in the fliping sea his strength was the greater, his swimming the stronger! ( 389-400 ) . As Beowulf explained in his feud with Unferth, We gripped in our custodies bare blades, as we swam the moving ridges, guarding us from the giants assault stop deading squalls, and the falling dark down to the underside a barbarian sea animal ferociously dragged me and so I was granted to murder with the blade border nine of the nicors ( 413-443 ) . Basically Beowulf is seeking to explicate that the lone ground he lost to Breca was because he had been swimming for seven yearss directly and he stopped along the manner to kill nine sea animals to do it easier for other travellers of the sea to acquire by. This was one of the first heroic Acts of the Apostless Beowulf preformed. Through the eyes of an Anglo Saxon, Beowulf saved them from holding to cover

with the sea animals, because the sea plays a major function in the life of the Anglo Saxon s.

Beowulf came to deliver the Anglo Saxon s from a fierce mons

ter who was terrorising their town. Beowulf s uncle is king of the Geats and so he is sent as an envoy to assist free the Danes of this monster, Grendel. They called him Grendel, a devil grim stalking the fen lands, keeping the Moors runing the wastes where the deplorable creature made his den with the monster family ( 61-64 ) . Grendel was a monster who was terrorising the town and killing many people. The first dark that Grendel struck he killed 30 work forces. Beowulf was the lone adult male who had the strength to kill a monster every bit barbarous as Grendel. Beowulf had the strength of 30 work forces in his clasp and used this to kill the monster. Of life strong work forces he was the strongest ( Beowulf ) ( 132 ) . After he killed Grendel, Grendel s female parent became a menace to the town. She killed one of the Danish King s Nobel work forces. But like the hero that Beowulf was he didn t hesitate to travel out and kill Grendel s female parent to guarantee that there would be no more jobs for the Danes.

One of the most epic traits that Beowulf has is his bravery. Beowulf showed no marks of fright when he went into conflict. He ne’er looked back and he ever accomplished what he set out to make. After his efforts with Grendel, Beowulf was subsequently crowned King of the Danes. During his reign as King a fire Drake ( 1374 ) began to destruct the town that Beowulf built. In his last conflict Beowulf sought out to free the town one time once more of its scoundrel. However, when he set out for conflict he ne’er looked back, he knew he was traveling against a hideous animal but it did non phase him. He took the life of

yet another monster, but at the same clip he took his ain. Bemoaned the autumn of their mighty Godhead ; said he was the kindest of secular male monarchs, mildest, most soft, most eager for celebrity. ( 1895-1896 ) .

Beowulf carries the traits of a hero. His courage and physical strength history for more than any other adult male. Beowulf left his place land to assist complete aliens in their clip of demand, and he produced. Not merely did he victoriously slay one animal, but 3 of the most fierce, barbarous animals that the Danes had of all time scene. Beowulf risked his life for the life of others, and he was winning. He was heroic in every facet.

*Direct quotation marks from Beowulf are ( with the lines ) from start to complete.

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