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Lennie And Charlie Essay, Research Paper

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In the novel & # 8216 ; Of Mice and Men & # 8217 ; , by John Stienbeck, a mentally challenged adult male, Lennie, loses his artlessness and his dream, of having his ain spread with coneies, when he by chance breaks a adult female & # 8217 ; s cervix. In the novel & # 8216 ; Flowers or Algernon & # 8217 ; , by Daniel Keyes, another mentally challenged adult male, Charlie, loses his artlessness and dreams, of being like everyone else, when, through the assistance of an operation, realizes people were doing merriment of him instead than being his friends. Although, in both instances artlessness and dreams were the loss, their artlessness was besides the underlying cause of the loss. Lennie is a really lovable character, who has hope and dreams. He wants to populate on a spread with George and raise coneies. He looks at his programs as approachable even when it seems impossible because after he kills Curleys married woman, Lennie still thinks he can hold a spread and coneies, with the confidence of George. Although Lennie ne’er reaches his dream, he dies with the idea of accomplishment. Charlie on the other manus, has dreams of being smart merely like everyone else. He tries really difficult in school and when offered the opportunity of holding an operation to do him & # 8217 ; smart & # 8217 ; , he jumps at the chance. Although his instructor influences him, she had small impact. Unlike Lennie, Charlie reaches his dream but ends up broken hearted when his dream doesn & # 8217 ; t last.

Lennie had a soft topographic point for petting animate beings and soft things. He is wholly unmindful to the fact that he hurts about every thing he touches. He had favored mice and ended up killing them and when he played with the & # 8216 ; pup & # 8217 ; he ended up killing it excessively. His uncontrolled strength besides caused him to kill Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman. & # 8220 ; Lennie & # 8217 ; s fingers fell to stroking her hair & # 8230 ; he stroked harder & # 8230 ; & # 8220 ; Let travel! & # 8221 ; she cried & # 8230 ; She struggled violently & # 8230 ; and so she was still ; for Lennie had broken her neck. & # 8221 ; ( Page 91 ) . With the decease of Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman, Lennie & # 8217 ; s artlessness was taken. He had unwillingly killed. He had to pay the monetary value

, by losing his life.

Charlie lived in a paradise-like universe, he though he had many & # 8220 ; friends & # 8221 ; . The lone thing he felt he was losing was encephalons. When he was offered the opportunity to go & # 8217 ; smart & # 8217 ; he jumped at the opportunity to be like everyone else. Unprepared for the alterations intelligence would convey, Charlie lost his artlessness. When he realizes his & # 8216 ; friends & # 8217 ; wear & # 8217 ; t really like him they merely liked to do merriment of him. & # 8220 ; And what was that Joe and the remainder of them were making. Laughing at me. And the childs playing hide-and-go-seek were puting fast ones on me and they were express joying at me excessively & # 8230 ; I felt bare & # 8221 ; . In his artlessness, he had requested & # 8220 ; smartness & # 8221 ; , and with it came the loss of his artlessness followed by shame so choler.

In both instances Lennie and Charlie were tempted in their artlessness. In both instances their artlessness and dreams were lost. Both Charlie and Lennie relied on person at some point in their life and lost faith briefly. They both obtained true felicity at some point, whether it is with a idea or an action. Charlie was genuinely happy when he started to go smart. Lennie was genuinely happy at so stop when George described the spread.

The terminations of both narratives were climbing nightshade. Both characters are lost. Lennie is dead, killed by his best friend, the 1 he trusted the most. Charlie is lost and can & # 8217 ; t bear to confront the universe he one time knew so good. Both leave Charlie caputs to New York, with a last petition for flower to be topographic point on Algernon & # 8217 ; s grave, and Lennie dies, with image of himself feeding the coneies on his spread. The stoping of both narratives bring cryings to your eyes.

Although both characters have many similarities, their major difference was in their realisation of their dreams. Charlie reached his dream of being smart, merely to lose more that he gained. Lennie ne’er had a opportunity to make his dream, he died to shortly. In both instances artlessness and dreams were lost. It seems to be the more guiltless you are the more you lose.

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