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Lennie And George Essay, Research Paper

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Lenny and George from, Of Mice and Men, are two characters looking for a topographic point to, put their chapeaus. They had been in a batch of problem in the past, chiefly to the bad luck of Lenny s incompetency. Many things contributed to the critic s sentiment of Lenny and George s trueness. One of the biggest grounds for their being loyal or non, is when George shoots Lenny, many of the

critics use this as a comparing. Some critics understand that Lenny is non really bright, and George is non much smarter, hence, their relationship is merely coinciding, but others believe that the two characters are really loyal to each other.

Desmond MacCarthy believes that Lenny and George are really loyal to each other. MacCarthy says, Like a kid, Lenny loves to do George repetition over and over once more the narrative of how happy they will some twenty-four hours be together in a hovel of their ain & # 8230 ; ( 340 ) . When he says this, he believes that when George tells Lenny the narrative, George does it because he has feelings toward Lenny and is nil but loyal to him. Largely, nevertheless, MacCarthy refers to the portion in the narrative in which George shoots Lenny. MacCarthy explains, Lenny flies to the topographic point where George had told him to travel if he of all time got into problem. And George discoveries and shoots him, while stating him to look where the small house stands which had so about go their ain ( 340 ) . This converts to Lenny and George s trueness because why would George state Lenny the narrative he tells him many times earlier, when he shoots him. This shows that George cares really much for

Lenny and knows that if he does non hit Lenny, so person else will, or give him a slow painful decease. MacCarthy believes that Lenny and George are really loyal to each other.

Peter Lisca, although, believes that Lenny and George were non loyal to each other and they were merely together by happenstance. [ Even in the beginning of the book, ] Lenny and George as they enter this topographic point from the main road to an outside universe. It is important that they prefer passing the dark here instead than traveling on to the bunkhouse at the spread ( Lisca 343 ) . The

significance of this is that Lisca believe George could non swear Lenny to travel into the spread the first dark because of Lenny s stupidity. He could non swear Lenny hence George is non loyal to Lenny. Lisca besides exclaims, Lenny needs to hear the narrative about the coneies in order to travel on & # 8230 ; ( 343 ) . When he states this, he is fundamentally stating that Lenny needs to be comforted with this

dream of one twenty-four hours having a spread of their ain, in order to travel on. Lisca believes that Lenny and George are non loyal.

Harry Thornton Moore besides believes that they are really loyal to each other. Again, comparing trueness, to when George makes the determination to kill Lenny. Moore puts drastically, He attracts sympathy because he has to lose his friend Lenny, to whom he has been so loyal, and whom he has to kill at the last in order to salvage him from the others ( 342 ) . Moore really puts in that part of his review that George is loyal to Lenny. Moore makes the comparing to

trueness, why would George state the narrative of them populating off of the land to soothe Lenny is feeling insecure. Such as the twenty-four hours in which they camped out, before come ining the spread, the first dark they stayed at their new occupation, and when George had to kill Lenny. Mr. Moore believes that Lenny and George are really loyal.

Stark Young, nevertheless, believes that Lenny and George are non loyal to each other. Young, unlike Lisca, relates the two work forces s trueness to when George kills Lenny. How could a adult male go through with killing person, and that person being a individual he knew for a long clip ( Young 339 ) . This is a significance within itself. Young can non believe that a individual s best friend would hit him, merely so some other people could non hit him alternatively. He is stating, that best friends can non merely hit each other. Young writes strongly that if George was truly

Lenny s comrade, he would happen an alternate manner to acquiring Lenny out of the state of affairs.

Young provinces, A adult male can non handle a individual like that and still be loyal to him ( 339 ) . Young is

mentioning to the beginning of the book when George does non swear Lenny traveling to the Ranch the

twenty-four hours that they are supposed to be at that place. Young steadfastly believes that Lenny and George are non

loyal to each other.

Lynn Munro implies that Lenny and George are really loyal to each other. George and

Slim, nevertheless, do measure the full state of affairs and are able to evade the posse long plenty for George

to show Lenny out of the universe destructing his hope of achieving a better more hospitable hereafter.

By leting Lenny to decease Humanely & # 8230 ; ( Munro 3 ) . George killing Lenny was the best thing that

George could of all time make for Lenny. She believes that if a individual is traveling to decease, that individual would

instead dice by the custodies of a friend instead than by the custodies of people that barely know you.

Munro provinces, [ Curly s married woman s ] arrogance and disdain for the wor

kers are finally her

undoing. Because she views Lenny as easy quarry, she ups the ante and encourages him & # 8230 ; ( 2-3 ) .

This statement relates to Lenny s artlessness, and Munro believes that since Lenny is so guiltless,

he does non cognize better, than be loyal. Munro believes that Lenny and George are really loyal to

each other.

I believe that Lenny and George are really capable of keeping a friendly relationship, because being

intelligent has nil to make with a individual s feelings. George, in the beginning of the book

seemed non to be loyal because of the manner he treated Lenny. Throughout the book he develops

into a well rounded and loyal friend. Although, when George shoots Lenny in the caput and putting to deaths

him, I wholly disagree with it, because I personally would seek to carry the fellow inmates from

the spread non to kill him. I think because of George s incompetency, he believes that hiting

Lenny is the best thing to make. Lenny, nevertheless, stays loyal to George throughout the full book.

In decision I believe that Lenny was really loyal to George, for the most portion, I believed that

George was non wholly loyal to Lenny.

All of the critics had different sentiments about Lenny and George about being loyal and non

being loyal. Both sides of the statement, ( Lenny and George were loyal, Lenny and George were

non loyal ) had really good grounds to back up how they felt. Although, all of the critics chiefly

brought there feelings toward the portion of the narrative when George kills Lenny. Therefore, Lenny

and George s relationship is undecided, and is truly up to the readers to make up one’s mind their position of



Have you of all time felt like you had cipher to speak? Everyone that is populating in this universe all demands to hold person at that place to speak to. They need person to assist them out with jobs. Peoples feel better cognizing that there is person at that place to care for them. In Of Mice and Men about everybody is lonely. No 1 has a friend, household member, or comparative. A individual s demand for company is of import because it gives them a ground for life.

Crooks is a stable vaulting horse who lives all by himself in a small caducous that leans off the wall of the barn. That small shed is called a harness room, he had books like the lexicon and the California civil codification for 1905. He was a proud adult male and a adult male who had no involvement or feelings. Crooks is a coloured adult male and the other workers do non handle him with regard. He ne’er has anyone to speak to because everyone tells him to maintain his distance, so he told them to maintain their distance from his room besides. He liked it when Lennie and Candy were in his room speaking to him, but he covered his pleasance with choler. If he had person to speak to he will non be so average because all his feelings are held indoors, he can merely believe to himself. He will go stressed and defeated is he hides all his jobs.

Curly s married woman was a really alone adult female. She was married to Curly but he did non take attention of her. She did non hold anyone to speak to and she was non able to speak to anyone else because the cats will acquire in problem. She had the oculus which meant that she was a coquette. She was truly non happy with her life. Curly s married woman kept stating that she was able to be someplace better and be making something better. She said that she might hold been a theoretical account or an actress. She did non like her hubby curly because he ne’er paid much attending to her. After she died, she looked like she was in peace. When she lay at that place in the hay when she was dead, she looked like she eventually got what she wanted.

Candy was a really old adult male that worked as a swamper. He had a really old Canis familiaris that he had since it was a whelp. The Canis familiaris was merely like his best friend but the work forces that were remaining in the same bunkhouse as he was, said that the old Canis familiaris stunk. Everyone wanted him killed, so Slim shot the Canis familiaris for Candy, so that he did non hold to make it himself. Now Candy is all entirely. He knows that he will acquire fired shortly because he is so old. He besides understands that the foreman is merely maintaining him at the spread because he lost his right manus a T the spread and he feels sorry for him and he besides feels responsible. He kept be aftering to hold his ain topographic point with George and Lennie because he was so lonely and wanted person to remain with.

Everybody in this universe needs to hold person. They would experience much better populating mundane. Everyone needs company, it is truly of import because you can acquire aid and rede from one another. Crook, Curly s married woman, and Candy were all really lonely people because they did non hold a friend or anybody to speak to at all. Candy had a Canis familiaris but the Canis familiaris was non able to speak back, so that was different. Curly s married woman had curly, but he ne’er cared for her and he did non speak to her much. Crook had cipher at all ; everybody treated him bad because he was a black adult male. This shows that everyone truly needs a comrade, a friend, a comparative, or a household member that is ever at that place to speak to.

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