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Pardoner? s Tale Essay, Research Paper

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Love and treacheries are two major subjects that appeared frequently in the plants selected

for this semesters reading. A subject that is seen in both the narrative of Joseph and

Chaucer? s The Pardoner? s Tale is betrayal with a blend of greed and

selfishness. The narrative of Joseph involved a male child named Joseph and his brothers.

Joseph appeared to be his male parent? s favourite and ever treated him the best.

Joseph? s brothers seemed to be angry and mad at the fact that he was acquiring

all the attending and so they plotted a strategy to acquire rid of Joseph by killing

him. Rather than killing Joseph, they sought net income in him. The brothers acted

egotistically and so they betray him by selling him to the Ishmeelites for 20

pieces of Ag. The Pardoner? s Tale is a good illustration of a narrative incorporating

these elements. In this narrative, readers see a group of rioters at a local tap house

hostel imbibing and holding a good clip. As they look behind them they see a casket

being carried off. The rioters shortly find out that it the individual in the casket

was a really good friend of theirs. As sad and angry as they are, they set off to

happen out who has killed their comrade. An old adult male directs the three rioters to

a tree down the route and tells them that Death killed their friend. The rioters

set out to happen Death and kill him in retaliation. When they reach the tree, they

topographic point a hoarded wealth. They decide to wait until dark to take the findings. While they

all delay, one rioter decided to travel to town to acquire them all nutrient. This rioter

comes up with an thought that he should kill the other two work forces and take the

hoarded wealth for himself. The other two rioters think similarly. They devise a program

to kill the other friend and divide the hoarded wealth in two parts alternatively of three.

As it is seen in the narrative of Joseph, his brothers betray him. Because they are

covetous of Joseph, their ain flesh and blood, they acted selfish and greedy.

They wanted to kill him, but selling him for money would profit them more. The

rioters acted likewise. They are all friends who set out on a mission. Once

money is brought into the image, everyone has different feelings. They all

secret plan to kill one another and betray each other because they want a bigger portion

of the net income. In this instance, everyone ends up dead. The one sent to town decides

to set toxicant in the drinks and the rioters left by the tree secret plan to knife him.

When they eventually do stab him, they think they are home free. They continue to

banquet and when they drink they excessively end up dead. In this instance no 1 was

successful. Everyone ends up

with nil. Their greed led them to their decease.

Unlike the rioters, the treachery of Joseph by his brothers benefited him in the

long tally. He ends up construing dreams for the Pharaoh of Egypt. The

Pardoner? s Tale is a good work to integrate into the course of study because it

Teachs a valuable lesson about the relationship of friends and what bounds

friends go to in order to bewray each other. Greed and green-eyed monster are cardinal elements

that make person betray another individual. An illustration of what people are normally

greedy about is money. Money is a mercenary point in which everyone wants.

When given the right chance, one will make anything for it even if it means

bewraying friends or particularly household members. A inquiry that this narrative

rises is How far will people travel in order to do themselves happy? In this instance

the rioters went a far as they perchance could. They plotted to kill each other

for something that was non even truly theirs. If they had non found the

hoarded wealth, they would of still been alive. The Pardoner? s Tale can easy be

connected to the class assignments because although there is betrayal, there is

an component of love in it besides. Although it is non easy seen, love is shown.

The rioters showed love and compassion when they found out that their friend had

died. At one time they got together to happen the individual that had killed him. If they

did non love or care about this individual they would non hold even bothered to inquire

who had gotten killed. This narrative contradicts the narrative of Joseph slightly

because although they are really similar they are besides different. At the terminal of

the narrative, Joseph is reunited with his informers. He reunites with his brothers

and they all forgive one another. This besides shows an component of love. They all

decide that it is non deserving retrieving the bad times but to get down with the

nowadays. The rioters can non make this because they are dead. This narrative besides

contradicts the subject of love and treachery because a forgiver is thought of one

who forgives and helps people with things. They preach and tell narratives of good

things that happen. In the Canterbury Tales, the Pardoner is looked at as the

entire antonym. His narratives involve slayings, stealing and even imbibing. The

Pardoner? s Tale is a good narrative to add to the course of study. It teaches the

importance of cognizing right from incorrect. It is a good narrative to go on with if

one is reading The Canterbury Tales. One can larn how money makes people non

attention about anything else. It normally leads to aching the people they love and

sometimes ends up in decease.

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