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A Tale of Two Cities

Book One: Chapter One/The Period

In this chapter we learn about the clip that the narrative is taking topographic point. It is taking

topographic point in 1775 and will go on in both France and England. The province of France is awful

now. France has been on the diminution and is now near to being belly-up with small nutrient for

the people that are populating at that place. In England the state of affairs is non as bad, but it could be

better. They are holding jobs with America. In the major metropoliss of these states at that place

is much offense. Mail is being stolen and so is furniture and gems. The upper category has been

told to remain is at dark as non to be attacked and have their goods stolen from them.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book One: Chapter Two/The Mail

There are several riders going on a clay filled route with the Dover mail. It

is a dark and glooming dark. There is clay everyplace and they need to walk out of the cart

because the Equus caballuss can & # 8217 ; Ts make it up the hill. All of the riders, including the coachman,

Tom, and the guard, Joe, are leery of highjackers. The guard is transporting a handgun.

Finally the Equus caballuss bring the manager over the hill. Then the riders begin to acquire back into

the cart when the sound of a Equus caballus galloping is heard. The work forces halt and the courier

says he is looking for Jarvis Lorry, and employee of Tellson & # 8217 ; s Bank of London. Jerry, the

courier is permitted to come up and he tells Jarvis to & # 8220 ; Wait at Dover for Mam & # 8217 ; selle. & # 8221 ;

Jarvis answers by stating & # 8220 ; Recalled to Life & # 8221 ; . Jerry finds this uneven, but leaves with the

message. Jarvis gets back into the cart and so they leave. Then the courier gives to

the message to person in the Temple Bar and the chapter stopping points.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book One: Chapter Three/The Night Shadows

Jerry Cruncher is one his manner back to London to present Lorry & # 8217 ; s message. The

message and the dark shadows bother Jerry so he keeps on halting at alehouses to imbibe.

While Jerry is traveling back to London Jarvis Lorry is in the rough mail manager. It is dark

and he is seeking to kip, along with the other riders. Dickens so negotiations about how

each one of these work forces are different with there ain secrets. Lorry is woolgathering about

delving up a dead adult male. He finds out that the adult male has been buried alive for 18 old ages and

doesn & # 8217 ; t cognize if he can populate. He besides is traveling to run into a lady, which is likely the individual

that Jerry is taking the message excessively. Lorry doesn & # 8217 ; t like these dreams and he keeps on

waking up and traveling to the window so the zephyr and rain can hit him in the face. Finally

it is twenty-four hours and the shadows and dreams are gone. He so thinks how atrocious it must be to

be buried alive for 18 old ages. Of class this individual wasn & # 8217 ; t literally inhumed alive, but was in a

gaol for this long sum of clip.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book One: Chapter Four/The Preparation

Mr. Lorry arrives at the Royal George Hotel, and is the last individual to go forth the

mail passenger car. He goes up to his room where he can hold a shaving and acquire into some fresh

apparels. Jarvis is around 60 old ages old. He goes downstairs and has breakfast. Then he

spends the twenty-four hours on the beach in Dover. When nightfall arrives Jarvis goes up to his room

and has some vino. He is waiting for Lucie Manette.

Lucie arrives and Jarvis goes to see her. They have met before when she was two

and Jarvis took her across the Channel as an orphan 15 old ages ago. They talk and Lorry

supports on stating that this is concern. He talks about Lucie & # 8217 ; s childhood and her household

history. Then he tells her that her male parent, Dr.Manette of Beauvais, is non dead. He has been

in a gaol for 18 old ages and was merely released. Now he is old and different. He doesn & # 8217 ; t even

cognize his name. As of now he is in Paris remaining with an old retainer. Lucie says that she is

traveling to see a shade and swoons. With this Jarvis calls for aid and Miss Pross comes in/

She throws Mr.Lorry across the room and tells the retainers to acquire some salts. Then she

goes over to Lucie and we find out that she will attach to Lucie and Mr.Lorry to Paris.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book One: Chapter Five/The Wine-Shop

The chapter opens in Paris. It is in a vino store in a hapless portion of the suburbs called

Saint Antoine. Person has smashed a keg of vino unfastened and everyone is running to acquire

some. A adult male named Gaspard takes the vino and writes the word blood with his finger.

Monsieur Defarge tells him to take it someplace else. Then we meet Madame Defarge.

She is a chilling lady and loves to knit. There are besides three work forces named Jaques in the store

who Defarge takes to an next edifice. Then he takes Jarvis Lorry and Lucie Manette

upstairs to see Dr.Manette. The three Jaques try to take a expression in, but Defarge tells them

to travel. Then Defarge, Lorry, and Lucie enter the room and see Dr.Manette in the room on

a bench. He is doing places.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book One: Chapter Six/Shoemaker

Dr.Manette has forgotten everything that he knew before he went to prison. He

doesn & # 8217 ; t even retrieve his name and merely states his inmate figure and location. Then he

reunites with Lucie. It is a really emotional meeting and Dr.Manette starts rupturing out his

hair. Then Lucie rocks him. Although he doesn & # 8217 ; t acknowledge her or cognize who she is he

recognizes her aureate blonde hair as something familiar. This makes her a mention to an

angel. While the two are reuniting Defarge and Mr.Lorry have gone outside to speak about

travel agreements. Lucie, Dr.Manette, and Lorry leave Paris under the stars. Lorry is

so reminded about his first trip at dark and the inquiry that kept on lingering in his


A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter One/Five Old ages Subsequently

The twelvemonth is now 1780 and five old ages have gone by since we last met anyone. We

acquire a description of Temple Bar and Tellson & # 8217 ; s. Tellson & # 8217 ; s Bank is an old, begrimed topographic point run by

old work forces, and everything there is besides old and dingy. It is a little dark topographic point. Then we get

introduced to Jerry Cruncher Jerry wakes up in his little flat and finds his married woman

praying in the corner. Jerry throws a boot at her because he feels her supplications are

interfering with his trade. After breakfast Jerry and his boy go down to the bank. His boy is

a spitting image of him. Jerry has to travel on a message and Young Jerry takes his place

inquiring why his male parent & # 8217 ; s nails are ever rusty.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Two/A Sight

Jerry Cruncher is sent to the Old Bailey by a banker at Tellson & # 8217 ; s. There he is to

give a note to the doorkeeper who will allow him in. In the tribunal he will be Mr.Lorry & # 8217 ; s

courier. This instance is for lese majesty. The suspect is Charles Darnay and it is said that he

has been giving information about British troop motion to the Gallic. His penalty

for this is billeting. He takes everything really courageously and merely winces one time when he

looks up into a mirror on the ceiling. Then he notices Lucie and Dr. Manette. He asks who

they are. Most people are gazing at Lucie and the old adult male who is evidently her male parent.

Then the tribunal gets ready for action.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Three/A Disappointment

The chapter opens up with a address from the Attorney-General. He is traveling on

about his two great informants and how guilt Darnay is. Then he calls up John Barsad.

He asks Barsad some inquiries that make him look trust worthy, but so there is a

cross-examination. Stryver makes him look like a prevaricator. Next is Roger Cly. Stryver has it

known that he is a known stealer and friend of Barsad. Next is Jarvis Lorry. He says he

doesn & # 8217 ; Ts know who he was siting in the manager with and that Darney was on the packet-ship

traveling from France to England with him. Lucie is so brought up and says that he was

helpful, but was utilizing a false name and spoke with two Frenchmans before he left. The

Doctor remembers nil due to his unwellness at the clip. Finally Mr. Stryver points out

that Sydney Carton and the captive expression precisely the same. This makes another informant

non certain of the individuality. He so makes it known that Mr. Darney frequently travels between

England and France of household concern which he can & # 8217 ; t unwrap. The chapter ends with

Darney being acquitted and Jerry Cruncher traveling to Tellson & # 8217 ; s to state them.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Four/Congratulatory

Dr. Manette, Lucie, Stryver, and Mr. Lorry all gather around Charles Darney and

congratulate him on his acquittal. Then we see that Dr.Manette still suffers sometimes and

goes into his dark phases. Lucie, the & # 8220 ; aureate yarn & # 8221 ; helps to convey him approximately. This is

another manner of adverting the colour of her hair. Then we learn a small about Mr. Stryver.

He is stout, loud, ruddy, and bluff. After that there is a small exchange between Lorry and

Carton. Everyone so goes, but we can see that Carton is a small hostile towards Darnay.

He is covetous and Carton besides likes to imbibe. When left entirely Carton goes and looks in the

mirror. He looks at his contemplation and notices the resemblance to Darnay. Then he starts to

believe about what he could hold been, and sometimes is.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Five/The Jackal

In this chapter Stryver is with Carton. It becomes obvious that Carton is truly the

individual that does most of the legal work and prepares it for Stryver. Carton becomes disquieted

and gloomy. Then Stryver offers a toast to Lucie. After speaking some Carton so leaves

Stryver & # 8217 ; s topographic point. While outside he sees a mirage of what he could be. The mirage so

disappears and he goes home. When he gets at that place he starts to shout on his pillow.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Six/Hundreds of Peoples

The chapter opens with a description of the Manette & # 8217 ; s place. It is really quaint on a

corner street in Soho. There is some Gallic about the house, but it is in England. Mr.

Lorry is on his manner over at that place. He is now a good household friend and frequently spends clip with

the Manette & # 8217 ; s. When he gets at that place he spends some clip inquiring approximately and meets Miss

Pross. They talk about how sometimes Dr.Manette merely starts walking about at dark, and

how he still has his workingman & # 8217 ; s bench. Miss Pross besides talks about all of the suers coming

to acquire Lucie. We besides learn about Miss Pross & # 8217 ; trueness to her brother Solomon, who took all

of her money and had left.

After this treatment Lucie, and Dr.Manette come place from a walk they took.

They all eat dinner and so travel outdoors for a drink on the lovely eventide. Soon they are

joined by Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay, who both visit frequently. Then Darnay brings up

how person wrote the word DIG in the wall in the Tower of London. This begins to

upset Dr.Manette and it starts to rain. They all go inside and can here the reverberations of

100s of people hotfooting by to acquire out of the rain. Then after awhile Mr.Lorry, Darnay

and Carton leave on their separate ways.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Seven/Monseigneur In Town

The chapter opens up at a party of the Monseigneur in his small hotel. The

members of the party are nescient people, and are in a sense sham at their professions.

We so larn of another adult male there who goes by the name of the Farmer-General. This

adult male married the Monseigneur & # 8217 ; s married woman, and collects the revenue enhancements for Monseigneur. He is

highly rich. After a while the party terminals and they all leave. On the street we meet

Monsieur the Marquis. He is go forthing the party and orders his manager to wing through the

streets. On his manner he kills a kid and the driver stops. The male parent is highly disquieted and

The Monsieur merely throws him a gold coin like that is what he kid is deserving. This male parent is

the tall-thin jokester Gaspard. After this Defarge comes over and Tells Gaspard it is all right, and

it is better of the kid was killed in an case. Then the Marquis throws Defarge a coin.

Defarge throws it back. When Marquis asks who did it cipher moves except Madame

Defarge, who merely looks at him while knitting. He calls them all Canis familiariss and says he would

like to kill the coin throwster. Then he leaves and Dicken & # 8217 ; s negotiations about the running fountain

and rivers and how shortly the people will run their class.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Eight/Monseigneur In The State

Monsieur the Marquis is driving through the small small town outside of his chateau. It

is really hapless and the people are deceasing. When he arrives at the fountain in town he notices

the repairer of roads that he saw on the hill. He asks why the repairer gave him a expression and

he said because there was a adult male on the underside of the passenger car. From the description it

seems as if this was Gaspard. They tall about this for a piece and so the Monsieur Tells

the people to turn him if they see him. The Marquis besides tells Gabelle, his revenue enhancement

collector/postmaster to maintain an oculus on the repairer of roads, who has a bluish cap. Then he

meets a lady whose hubby, the wood cutter, has died. He wants the Monsieur to set a

small rock on the grave with his name. The Marquis merely leaves and goes place. There he

is waiting for Monsieur Charles from England. This is likely Charles Darnay.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Nine/The Gorgon & # 8217 ; s Head

In this chapter we get a description of the chateau. There are many stone caputs all

over it and it is really elegant. Then it becomes evident that Charles Darnay is the Marquis & # 8217 ;

nephew. They meet and have a large dinner. From the Marquis attitude and expressions it is

clear that he likes subjugation and will continue the household award. Charles disagrees with this,

and renounces the chateau and France. The uncle besides asks if Darnay knows a Doctor with

a girl in England. Darnay replies yes, and a smile appears across the face of the

Marquis. They go to kip and when Charles wakes up there is something incorrect. The

Marquis has been stabbed in the bosom, and is dead. There is a missive that says that it is from

the Jaques.

Scott Levine Mr.Holbrook

English 10H Period1 3/11/97

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Ten/Two Promises

It has been a twelvemonth since the Marquis was murdered. Charles Darnay has taken up

the business of a Gallic professor/tutor. He enjoys learning the kids and realizes

that he has to work in order to do a life. It seems that Mr.Darnay is besides profoundly in


On this twenty-four hours he finds himself traveling to Soho and the Manette & # 8217 ; s house. When he gets

to the house Mr.Darnay merely finds that Miss Pross and Lucie have gone out and the

physician is the lone one place. Charles sits down and begins to speak with the Doctor about a

serious issue. Apparently Charles is interested in the love of Lucie and wants to get married her,

but wants Dr.Manette & # 8217 ; s consent. He realizes that Lucie has a tight relationship with her

male parent and he says that he is non seeking to interrupt them up, and that

this will non interfere

with Lucie & # 8217 ; s love for her male parent. After some vacillation Dr.Manette agrees, and gives his


Charles asks if Lucie has any other suers. When the Doctor tells him that Carton

or Stryver may be interested. Darnay so asks Dr.Manette to assure him that if the

subject of Lucie & # 8217 ; s matrimony or Mr.Darnay arises the Doctor will back up Mr.Darnay, and non

attempt to act upon against him. Dr.Manette agrees to this. Then Charles starts to state him

about his household and why he is in England. This bothers the Doctor and he starts to shout

halt. When he calms down he makes Mr.Darnay promise to him that he will non talk of

this once more until the forenoon of Lucie & # 8217 ; s marrying to him. That is, if she marries him. Charles

agrees with him, and so the Doctor tells him to go forth because they may be place shortly.

Willfully, Charles leaves.

When Lucie and Miss Pross return Lucie looks for her male parent. She hears him in his

room and, she hears a light hammering sound. When she looks inside her male parent is doing

places. She yells and so calls to him, like in prison. For a long clip they walk back and

Forth together. Then the Doctor is relaxed and he sleeps.

The rubric of this chapter comes from the two promises that were made. The first

about the Doctor supporting Charles, and the 2nd about Charles by. There are a few

inquiries we are left with at the terminal of the chapter. One would be why did Dickens call

the Doctor & # 8220 ; Doctor of Beauvais & # 8221 ; when this name was merely used before his prison

sentence? Besides, why does the Doctor start to do places after Darnay negotiations about his

household? Another inquiry is who will stop up winning the bosom of Lucie?

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Eleven/A Companion Picture

The chapter opens up in Stryver & # 8217 ; s topographic point. Sydney has been hard at work coating

the work before the holiday comes. As he is coming to a stopping point he throws his towel off his

caput and starts to repair a new bowl of clout. While this is go oning Stryver begins to state

him about his program for matrimony. He tells Sydney to think who it is, but Sydney truly

doesn & # 8217 ; t attention at 5 O & # 8217 ; clock in the forenoon. Then Stryver goes on about how he is such the

perfect adult male and Carton is like a rotter. Finally he announces that he plans to get married Miss

Manette. Carton doesn & # 8217 ; t act surprised, but he starts to imbibe more. Then Stryver tells him

how he should acquire himself a nurse and Mr.Sydney Carton tells him that he will believe about


A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Twelve/The Fellow of Delicacy

The chapter opens with Mr. Stryver on his manner to Soho to suggest to Lucie. He is

traveling by Temple Bar and decides to halt by and state Mr. Lorry about his programs. When he

goes in and Tells Lorry, Mr. Lorry is taken back by this. He tells Stryver that Lucie may

non like him, and may non be interested. Stryver so calls Lucie sill, and upsets Mr. Lorry.

Mr. Lorry tells Stryver that he will travel over to the Manette house tonight and state them

about this. With this Mr. Stryver realizes he will be rejected. When Mr. Lorry comes to

the door with him, Stryver pretends to be preoccupied and act like he doesn & # 8217 ; t care

any longer. He so thanks Lorry for his aid and tells him to go forth.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Thirteen/The Fellow of No Delicacy

It is the summer and Mr.Stryver has left town. Sydney is experiencing really low and

decides to halt by and see Lucie Manette. He goes indoors and begins to shout. Then he lets

out the truth that he loves her and realizes that she could ne’er love him back. He says

that she had an consequence on him that about made him alter his ways, but it could ne’er

happen. Lucie so tells Carton that she won & # 8217 ; t state anyone about this. Before he leaves

Carton says that he sees Lucie married, and with a kid. He besides says he would make

anything to salvage a life of person she loved.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Fourteen/The Honest Tradesman

The chapter opens speaking about Jerry Cruncher and his boy. They are at the bank

and Jerry hears a sepulchral emanation. We find out it is for the funereal of Roger Cly, the

undercover agent from earlier in the book. Jerry asks them if they are certain if he is dead or non. They so

acquire into a rabble sort of outlook and all hop on the cart. Then they ride it to the graveyard

and look into to see that is it Roger. After that the rabble goes about and does all kinds of

hooliganism. Jerry stays behind at the graveyard. Soon he has to go forth to acquire back to

Tellson & # 8217 ; s. When he gets place he starts speaking to Mrs.Crucher about how he is traveling

fishing tonight and that she better non pray against him. This intrigues small Jerry, who

follows his male parent that dark. He sees that his male parent meets up with two other people, one

being Izaak. Then they go to undig the organic structure and small Jerry runs place. Apparently

something went incorrect at dark and Jerry is upset with Mrs.Cruncher. When they go to

work small Jerry asks what a resurrection-main is. His male parent explains and so small Jerry

says he wants to be one when he grows up. This makes Mr.Cruncher happy.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Fifteen/Knitting

The Defarge vino store has been a reasonably busy topographic point for the past twosome of

forenoons. There are people in there imbibing vino, and people merely speaking. Madame

Defarge merely keeps on knitting. Soon Defarge and the repairer or roads walk in. Then after

Defarge introduces him as Jacques, the three Jacques leave and so the repairer and

Defarge travel up to the room where Dr.Manette one time stayed. The repairer tells them of

Gaspard and how he was caught after many months and hanged in the town square. The

Jacques are really disquieted by this. Then we learn that Madame Defarge is truly sewing in

the names of all people that are to decease. The Jacques besides say that everyone that was

involved with the chateau must be killed. The repairer wants to remain in town until Sunday

to see the King and Queen. When that clip comes he is really aroused and starts leaping

about. Then he realizes what he is making and Madame Defarge points out to him that he

would acquire excited at anything. He agrees and the chapter ends.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Sixteen/Still Knitting

In this chapter we see that Madame Defarge has a secret message that when she

put s arose in her hair the people should casually go forth the store. She does this when a Mr.

John Barsad enters the store. She has been told about the undercover agent Barsad by her hubby. She

negotiations with him for awhile as she knits his name in. Then Defarge walks in and they talk.

Barsad calls him Jacques, and this unnerves Defarge. He plays it cool. Barsad ends up

stating that Lucie Manette is traveling to get married Charles Darnay. Then he releases Charles true

individuality. This upsets Defarge and Madame Defarge knits his name into the cover. Then

she goes outside where she is knitting with the remainder of the ladies, and shortly will knit by the

closure by compartment.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Seventeen/One Night

It is the dark before Lucie is to be married to Charles Darnay. Lucie and Dr.

Manette are sitting outside in under the tree. The Doctor says he is happy that Lucie is

acquiring married. Then he starts to speak about how when he was in prison he imagined that

he had a kid that didn & # 8217 ; t cognize of him. Then he says that sometimes he thought the misss

did cognize of him. They eventually go indoors to hold dinner really happy. They eat with Miss

Pross and shortly it is clip to travel to kip. While kiping, Lucie wakes up and goes to look into

on her male parent. She sees he is all right and rests easy.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Eighteen/Nine Days

It is now the forenoon of the nuptials. It seems that Miss Pross and Mr. Lorry have

go closer that they used to be. They are waiting outside the Doctor & # 8217 ; s room with

Lucie speaking with her. Charles is in the room with Dr. Manette, likely stating him about

his household history. When the Doctor comes out of the room he is white as a shade. They go

to the church and Lucie marries Charles. When Charles and Lucie leave for their

honeymoon something happens to Dr. Manette. He begins to get down doing places once more. It

is like he has gone back to prison and doesn & # 8217 ; t cognize what is traveling on. He goes on to make

this for nine darks, and on the 9th dark he has become really adept once more.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Nineteen/An Opinion

This chapter opens with the physician in his 10th twenty-four hours. When Mr. Lorry walks in, to

his surprise, the physician is up reading in a corner. He is non working on his places any longer

and looks better. Ths amezes Lorry and it takes him for a while to recognize that this is all true.

Then Miss Pross comes in and it takes her awhile to recognize this. They decide that it is best

to move as if nil happened. Soon it is clip for breakfast and the Doctor comes down.

He thinks that Lucie got married yesterday, but of class it is incorrect. Then Mr. Lorry says

he has a friend that fell into a backsliding. They understand each other and Mr. Lorry brings

him up to day of the month. The Doctor thanks him really much for non stating Lucie about it, and thinks

it was brought approximately by somethign that will non look once more. After this he goes and articulations

Lucie in Wales. Then Miss Pross and Mr. Lorry burn his work bench and bury his tools.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Twenty/A Plea

Sydney Carton has non seen the Manettes in a long clip. When he comes in he

wants to talk wiht Charles. He tells Charles to bury what he said to him that dark in

the saloon. Charles says he forgot it long about, but Carton isn & # 8217 ; t sure. Then Cartons asks

Charles if he can come and travel in the house as he would wish. Charles besides agrees to this.

When Carton leaves they talk about him at dinner, and Charles negotiations about him traveling by

his visual aspect. When he comes into the sleeping room after Lucie is sitting at that place. She tells him

that he should be much nicer to Sydney because he is unhappy and doesn & # 8217 ; Ts have what they


A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Twenty-One/Echoing Footfalls

The chapter opens up in London. We learn that Lucie now has a girl and

used to hold a boy, but he died. They say that he died with remainder and he was traveling to

heaven. Time has gone on and it is now July of 1789. Sydney Carton has been dropping by

about 6 times a twelvemonth and the kids like him. Mr. Lorry is worried about unrest in Paris.

It seems the echoing footfalls are back.

The chapter so goes to July 14, 1789 in Paris. The provincials have eventually begun

their rebellion. It is Monsieur and Madame Defarge taking the rebellion. They go to the

Bastille and can non acquire in. Finally they give up in the Bastille and the guards allow them in.

Defarge has a turnkey return him up to 105 North Tower. There they burn the bed and

Defarge hunts through the chimney. Finally they leave. We don & # 8217 ; t cognize if he found

anything or non. After this they go and Madame Defarge kills one of the guards. The

crowd of provincials is being compared to a sea that keeps on lifting.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Twenty-Two/The Sea Still Rises

Monsieur Defarge comes into the wine-shop and says that a adult male named Foulon

faked his decease and is still alive. This was a adult male that oppressed the provincials. They find out

that he has been taken to the Hotel de Ville. The people go their and is slaying is

diagrammatically described. Then the people learn that his son-in-law is coming into town so

they find him and besides diagrammatically kill him.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Twenty-Three/Fire Rises

The repairer if roads is back in the narrative as the chapter begins. He is on the route

and meets a alien. The alien has a fume and so asks the repairer to wake him at

sundown. It seems like the adult male wants to travel to the chateau. That dark all of the provincials are

standing out by the fountain. Suddenly a rider comes and asks them for aid. The chateau

is on fire. Cipher moves to assist. Then the rider goes to the prison to see the guards, but

cipher helps. The chateau Burnss and it is like the Marquis is deceasing once more and the faces are

crumpling. It seems that several people set it on fire, and did this to other baronial edifice

all over France.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Two: Chapter Twenty-Four/Drawn to the Loadstone Rock

It is now 1792 and has been three old ages since the Bastille was stormed. France is in

a province of panic and now most Lords are referred to as Monseigneur. There are big

figure of Monseigneurs in England at Tellson & # 8217 ; s Bank in London. They all complain about

how they hate the new authorities. In this chapter we learn that Mr.Lorry is being sent

over to Paris to garner some documents from the bank in Paris. At his desk is Mr.Darnay. It

seems a note for the Marquis St.Evremonde is on Mr.Lorry & # 8217 ; s desk. Cipher can happen the

Marquis and the Lords start to speak about how this dense baronial gave up his land to the

provincials. Mr.Darnay defends him and says he knows the adult male. He takes the note and reads

that Gabelle is in problem. Darnay decides that it is his responsibility to travel and assist Gabelle because

Gabelle was merely following orders. Darnay finds that Gabelle is in L & # 8217 ; Abbaye. He gets ready

to travel. Before he leaves he writes a missive to the Dr. and to Lucie stating them why he is

traveling. Then he leaves.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Three: Chapter One/In Secret

When Darnay gets to France he makes it by several guardhouses but it is shortly

found out who he is. He has to take up an bodyguard. On the trip he finds out that the Lords

and blue bloods are being killed. Soon he gets to Paris and is arrested. His guard is

Defarge. Defarge knows who he is, but will non assist. He is now in La Force prison. As he

goes to the prison he meets some captive blue bloods. They say that they hope he is non

in secret but he is. This means he is in lone parturiency. Darnay begins to gait his cell

believing about Lucie, Dr.Manette and his recent journey.

A Tale of Two Cities

Book Three: Chapter Two/The Grindstone

Mr.Lorry is in Paris. He is now remaining in house that used to belong to an

blue blood. It is a cold dark and a rabble of people keep on coming into the courtyard to utilize

a grindstone that has been setup. They use the grindstone to sharpen arms to travel and

kill some captives. Then Mr.Lorry hears the gate unfastened, but no rabble. It is Dr.Manette and

Lucie. They have found out that Charles is in gaol. Dr.Manette thinks that his captive

position can assist Charles acquire out of gaol. It seems to work and he goes outside to the rabble.

They say they are traveling to liberate Charles. As the dark continues Lucie, small Lucie, and

Miss Pross spend the dark with Mr.Lorry. Then the dark eventually ends and a adult male is in the

courtyard. He slips into a passenger car to rest from the darks wor

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