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Plot – Chapter 1

In chapter 1 of Tunes for Bears to Dance to by Robert Cormier we find out that Henry lives following to a brainsick house and sees an old adult male who is Mr. Levine mundane walking in and out and he wonders why they let him travel without anyone else. We find out that Henry had broken his articulatio genus by falling down the steps of where he lives. which is on the 3rd floor of a tenement edifice. Eddie which was Henrys brother had died about a twelvemonth ago of a tip-and-run accident. Henry had a occupation at the corner market which is owned by Mr. Hairston. Henry couldn’t make his occupation because of his articulatio genus. he was hired because Mr. Hairston has a bad back so he couldn’t pick things up off the land or pack the bottom shelf. but he said he would wait until Henry’s articulatio genus recovered.

Figures of Address

1. Transporting a little leather bag that swung like a pendulum signifier his right manus. SIMILE. Page 1. 2. In the late afternoon when the old adult male had returned from wherever he went. his stairss were slower. spider webs had appeared around his eyes. and his shoulders drooped although his cheeks were still smooth. like rocks worn off by old ages of rain. SMILIE. Page 2. 3. He scowled most of the clip. his look every bit rancid as the pickles in the wooden barrel near the hard currency registry. SMILIE. Page 4 4. He was interrupted by the reaching of a client. Mrs. Lumpke. who was ne’er without her red hat. like an upside down flowerpot. on her caput. SMILIE.

Page 6. 5. He died alternatively. sprawled in the trough of First Street in Frenchtown. His cervix broken like a poulet bone snapped apart to do a want. SMILIE. Page 8. 6. “Jackie Antonelli’s a greaseball” . Mr. Hairston said. METAPHOR. Page 4. 7. The male child saw Mrs. Karminski puffing and puffing as a little Canis familiaris that looked like a completion plaything pulled her along the pavement. SMILE. Page 5 8. His mustache was a cuneus of hoar on his upper lip. METAPHOR. Page 1. 9. Then. a unusual oink. like a hog squealing. which. Henry learned. was the manner Mr. Hairston laughed. SIMILE. Page 5.

Insight of Henry & A ; Mr. Hairston

Henry: Would ne’er make anything to convey more sorrow into his parents lives. Beliefs that he must maintain his promises even though he was afraid that he might lose his occupation. he told Mr. Hairston that Jackie would be glad to take Henrys occupation. He felt he had to be true to his word. relaying the messages from Jackie to Mr. Hairston. Henry is compassionate. He sees the solitariness in Mrs. Karminski. gaining that she must be sorrowing for her dead hubby. He takes no notice of the derogatory remarks that Mr. Hairston makes about her. Henry ever made the Honour Roll in school.

Mr Hairston: He takes pride in which is store and what is his. He is a really negative person who thinks “ That there are excessively many ( stupid ) people in the universe. He degrades and laughs ( in his “strange oink. like a hog squealing” at about every individual in his vicinity.

From the sheet Mrs. Rankin gave the category.

Holocaust – “… Mr. Levine an aged subsister of the Holocaust…”
Piazza – Page 1. The male child. whose name was Henry. watched him from the third-floor plaza that over looked the street.
Tenement – Page 3. Henry could non stand the silence in the tenement and went out on the plaza.
Polack – Page 5. Leaves her house and lets her faux pas a show. Dumb. A Polack.
Veteran – Page 7. They were lucky to happen the third-floor tenement next to the brainsick house. because war veterans were given first precedence by landlords. and the new lodging undertaking were purely for veterans.

Exploit – Page 7. Eddie had won the trophies for his athletic feat.
Dictionary significances
Piazza – An unfastened square in a European town. particularly an Italian town ; hence ( Arch. ) . an arcaded and roofed gallery ; a portico. In the United States the word is popularly applied to a gallery.
Tenement – A rundown. low-rental flat edifice whose installations and care hardly fitting minimal criterions.
Polack – Offensive Slang Used as a derogative term for a individual of Polish birth or descent.
Veteran – A individual who is long experient or practiced in an activity or
Exploit – An act or title. particularly a brilliant or heroic one.

Chapter 2 pp 9-12
Erratic – page 9. But he walked usually plenty as he followed the old adult male in his fickle advancement through the streets
Barroom – page 10. Down the street immature cats hung out in forepart of a saloon fiting coins they tossed in the air.
Stealth – page 11. Stealthily. experiencing like a histrion in a Saturday-afternoon film series. Henry advanced toward the door and tried the grip
Consecutive – page 11.
Debris – page 10. He emerged at the far terminal into a black landscape of drooping fire flights. overruning rubbish barrels. and derelict furniture. like dust from a shipwreck.
Bleak – page 10. He emerged at the far terminal into a black landscape of drooping fire flights. overruning rubbish barrels. and derelict furniture. like dust from a shipwreck.

Chapter 3 pp 13-18

Vivid – page 15. It looked like ever the bow but the colorss were different. ruddy and xanthous and bluish. bright and graphic colorss in contrast with her pale white face. the dark eyes deep in their sockets. like the Windowss of a haunted house. Fatigues – page 17. He prayed for his female parent. little and delicate. who had worked dark displacement during the war. coming place at morning. white with weariness. seeking to kip in the noises of the twenty-four hours. Purgatory – page 17. Souls got into heaven from purgatory if adequate supplications were offended on their behalf.

Chapter 4 pp 19-26

Scrutinise – page 21. Size uping Henry from his exalted tallness: “So. you came back… good. ” Lofty – page 21. Size uping Henry from his exalted tallness: “So. you came back… good. ” Yiddish – page 25. “Are you Yiddish excessively? ”

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