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Of Mice And Men: A Comparison Of The 2 Movies And The Book Essay, Research Paper

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In Class we watched two films based on a book we read called Of Mice and Men. Both of the films were really similar to the book. In I was able to hear exact lines from the book in the two films.

In the book and in the 2nd film Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman was non given a name. She was non given a name to typify that she was nil more than a ownership of Curley. Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman was given a name in the first film. Her name was May. I think that the first film we watched best depicted her because of the manner she dressed.

Lennie was non much different between the book and the two films. However I think that Lennie & # 8217 ; s disablement was best depicted in the 2nd film. I think this because in the 2nd film they used a mentally challenged histrion for Lennie & # 8217 ; s character. I think Lennie & # 8217 ; s size was best depicted in the first film.

I liked Curley best in the first film. In that film the histrion who played him truly looked the portion. He looked like the whining small weasel that he truly is. The apparels fit the portion and the moustache added a small spot of villainousness to the character. The 2nd film besides did a really good occupation of picturing him. I do non believe the book did a good occupation on depicting Curley.

I think the 2nd film did the best rendition of Crooks. In the 2nd film it was really obvious that he had a crooked dorsum. The book and the two films all did a good occupation of demoing Crooks & # 8217 ; s solitariness.

The incident in Weed was portrayed otherwise in the book and the two films. In the book the incident in weed was merely talked about. The first film started out with Lennie and George running off from the group who were seeking to catch them. The 2nd film started out with the miss in the ruddy frock running off from Lennie.

The incident I Crook & # 8217 ; s room was reasonably

much the same with the book and the first film. It started out with Lennie traveling in because he saw a visible radiation. Then Candy went in and they talked about their dream. Crooks offers to work on the farm for free. Then George went in to acquire Lennie to travel to the bunkhouse. Last, Curley’s married woman went in and wanted to cognize what truly happened to Curley’s manus. In the 2nd film Curley’s married woman ne’er goes into Crook’s room to inquire about Curley’s manus.

The book and the two films all portrayed the violent death of the puppy and Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman in a similar manner. Lennie by chance killed the puppy while playing with it and tries to bury it. Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman went in and wheedle Lennie into a conversation about at that place dreams. Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman Lashkar-e-Taibas Lennie touch her soft hair which leads to her decease.

The scene in the coppice is different in the book than in the two films. In the book Lennie has hallucinations. The hallucinations yell at him and state him he & # 8217 ; s done a bad thing. The book and two films are reasonably much the same after this. Lennie merely waits at that place for George.

The book and two films all come to a sad stoping. George finds Lennie and starts stating him about there dream. While he tells Lennie about the coneies George shoots Lennie in the dorsum of the caput. I did non like the 2nd films version of this scene it seemed improbably cold hearted.

I truly liked the first film. It did a good occupation of stating the narrative. It had many good parts in it. It merely had one or two parts that I thought could hold been better

I think the 2nd film was truly good every bit good. The lone portion that I thought could hold been better was the really terminal when George shot Lennie. It did non hold adequate emotion in it.

I thought the book was first-class. It was decidedly one of the best books I have of all time read in my life. The book had a really good secret plan and it made me wish the narrative would ne’er stop.

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