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Of Mice and Men Movie Critique

Overall, I thought the Of Mice and Men film was antic and really good done by Gary Sinise. Gary Sinise is the manager of the film and besides plays the function of George. This film was made in 1992, and for a reasonably old film it is really nice. I feel that the film is at a much higher degree in amusement than the book it was derived from. In the film you can really see and hear things that you likely would non catch on to in the book. For illustration there are the facial looks from the gifted histrions and actresses.

The music soundtrack of Of Mice and Men is really good composed. At the really beginning of the film, a spirited temper was set in the audience when we saw Lennie and George running off from these work forces who were trailing them. I particularly liked how the music is classical, which is really appealing to all age groups and genders. The music was a immense portion of the film ; it set the temper for the scene the audience was seeing. The instruments used in the vocals were really effectual, such as the fiddle.

The scene in the film was merely as it was described in the book. The clip scene of the narrative takes topographic point in the 1930s, when there is the Great Depression. It seems to take topographic point in the southern portion of the United States, because of the increased cultural tensenesss we see in the film. For illustration there is Crooks, who is isolated from everyone else because of the colour of his tegument. Besides, the vesture worn by the histrions were really true to the clip frame. The audience can really experience that they are back in that clip period by watching this film. The vesture worn by Lennie and George showed that they were non good away, as were the bulk of the population during the Great Depression. In the film, the histrions were really good. In scenes the audience would acquire emotional. An illustration is when Carlson shoots Candy & # 8217 ; s old Canis familiaris, and Candy lies down on the bed and flips and bends in hurting. In the film, I really felt sympathetic for Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman since she seemed to ever be the victim. This is something I had non felt in the book. Besides, the really last scene when George shoots Lennie and so he starts to shout.

In many ways the film is really similar to the book. Right from the beginning of the film you can see that Lennie has a mental unwellness, and George is taking attention of him like a male parent. Besides, you can state that George gets impatient with Lennie legion times and that he gets defeated really easy. The character & # 8217 ; s addresss were really strong in linguistic communication, merely like the addresss were in

the novel. The characters in the film are about precisely like their book opposite numbers. Lennie is really large and bulky, while George is little with a bronzed face. In the film, Lennie is perfectly brainsick about coneies, if non more than in the book. Throughout the film we see clip and clip once more how much Lennie attentions for coneies, he says legion times, “An’ I get to be given the coneies! ” Whenever he says that you can see the glow in his oculus. Slim is good respected, and he acts and frocks like he is the best without being a showoff. We get this feeling that Curley OWNS his married woman and pushes her around. This is apparent when we really see him shouting at her to “go place where she belongs, ” and “shutup, I wasn’t speaking to you! ” Besides, Curley’s married woman Tells George and Lennie outside the barn one dark how Curley broke all her records because she would bear down 10 cents for a dance.

Like most movies derived from novels, there are many differences. In the really beginning of the film we see why George and Lennie are running off. They are running off because Lennie had by chance harassed a miss by catching on to her frock and non allowing spell of it. In the film I had felt that George merely took attention of Lennie because he had to, non because he wanted to. Even though George had promised Lennie & # 8217 ; s Aunt Clara to care for him, he did non look to bask it one spot. This was apparent when George kicks Lennie several times when he was imbibing H2O stating to & # 8220 ; non imbibe excessively much. & # 8221 ; By the book I had sensed that Lennie and George were immature and in their late 20s. In the film, Lennie looked much older since he was get downing to acquire barefaced, but that may hold been due to the mental unwellness. In the film several scenes contained some jimmiess of wit, while the film did non look to hold any amusing minutes. Humor was shown when George tells Lennie that & # 8220 ; if I were a relation of yours, I & # 8217 ; d shoot myself! & # 8221 ; When Candy told George that Curley had & # 8220 ; a glove full of Vaseline for his married woman, & # 8221 ; everyone started express joying. Even though it seemed to be a humourous minute, I found nil good story about that at all. There is no scene in the film, which Candy expletives at Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman ( who is dead in the barn ) about messing things up. Besides, there is no scene in the film where Candy tells Crooks of his program to populate with Lennie and George. Even though there were some differences that the novel, these omitted or added scenes helped the degree of amusement in the film. These are all the grounds why I think the Of Mice and Men film was really good.


Of Mice and Men film ; 1992 ; Director: Gary Sinise

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