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When inquisitive work colleagues noticed pictures and materials about Jim Carrey on my desktop, they cried out joyfully: “Ah! Do you write about Jim Carrey? Write down why his face is so idiotic. Maybe he’s something since childhood. fell? “
What callous are these my colleagues! After all, Carrie’s face is not at all idiotic, but, as they say in Hollywood, is rubbery, that is, able to accept a variety of expressions and lurking in itself an infinite number of facial expressions. And so Jim (in ordinary life, James Eugene Carrie) is very funny and makes mountains of American money by building his famous faces in front of the famous American movie cameras.
As a child, he, accordingly, also did not fall from anything, although it was really not easy for him. Jim was born in 1962 in a large country in Canada (Ontario, Newmarket), in the family of a failed musician, for some reason working as an accountant. In addition to Jim, there were three more children in the family, in addition, there was a mother in the family, and all these people, as you know, constantly wanted to eat.
The situation was complicated by the fact that everyone around him considered Jim’s mother a little crazy because of her pathological tendency to look for symptoms of various diseases. Jim, who delivered a lot of trouble at home and at school with his antics, was also sometimes considered a not-so-healthy child. His favorite pastime was making faces, he could spend hours standing in front of the mirror, honing his skills, not knowing then that someday it would radically change his fate.

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Therefore, to help his father, a failed musician, Jim worked at the factory every day after school for eight hours. In this regard, in all the lessons he slept peacefully, sleeping. And one fine day, Carrie’s father ceased to cope with an alien position of an accountant and lost his job, and Jim had to abandon his favorite school unfinished.
This is not to say that he was very upset by this – he was not a little maniac who could not live without studies. Leaving school was a shame, because it was there that Carrie first showed his acting abilities. True, stupid and shortsighted teachers could not distinguish acting abilities from antics with their teacher heads, and therefore each time they raised fiercely eyebrows and shouted:
“James Eugene Carrie! Get out of class!” But for many other, more ingenious people, Jim’s talent was obvious, and at the age of 15 he already performed in real comedy clubs in his native country. In particular, he often performed at the famous Yuk-Yuk club in Toronto.
However, what talented Canadians would be satisfied with the idea of ​​living for a lifetime in domestic clubs? Canadian Jim Carrie, this idea was not only not satisfied, but also terrified. One night he woke up in a sweat, saw that he was still lying in his Canadian bed under a Canadian blanket, and was so frightened that, without thinking twice, he packed his best suitcase with the necessary things and flew off to Los Angeles. For those who write down the details, I will make a reservation that he was 19 years old that night.
Of course, now it would be possible to say that in Los Angeles joyful Hollywood directors met Jim at the ramp and began to sign millions of dollars of life contracts with his thick little hands. But nothing of the kind happened to Jim. Instead, he earned himself a reputation as a good comedian on the stage for some time, until in 1982 he finally got a role in the movie “All in Good Taste”.

And then Jim Carrey’s talent and astounding industriousness took their toll, and one by one films began to come into the world with his famous “rubber” face almost immediately. Among them were films such as Pink Cadillac (1989), Earth Girls Are Easy (1989), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) (1994), The Mask (1994), Dumb and Dumber (all the same 1994), Batman Forever (Batman Forever) (1995).
Speaking of Jim’s hard work. It always frightened everyone who took the job. They even say that, if Jim were free, he would shoot a hundred takes for each episode, which is what he actually does. And even when the cameramen and director shout to Carrie that the episode was a success ten more takes back, Jim does not stop and continues to convulse his expression, which he needs literally every second of the film. For every episode, he gives everything as if he is the main one in the film. And during the filming of the Cuban Pete dance from the movie The Mask, Jim had to call an ambulance – so he was exhausted.
However, back to his filmography. See how big she is? And this despite the fact that I mentioned no more than half of the films in which Jim Carrey starred. If you managed not to see at least one of the above pictures, you would never imagine in all its glory the face of Jim Carrey. The only way out for you is to watch the newest and freshest film with Carrie in the lead role, shot just the other day – even the film has not had time to dry yet.
The film is called “Liar Liar”, and in it Jim plays a boring uncle-lawyer, with whom one fine day, by the grace of his own son, a miracle happens – he becomes an absolutely honest person. As you can see, the creators of the film wanted to see if a modern person is able to stretch at least one day without lying. It turned out not capable. And to be convinced of this, you only need to look at the face of the hero Carrie shaking in convulsions, who is physically trying with all his might to keep the truth within him, which goes into his throat.

Jim in this film unexpectedly for his usual role plays a very serious person. And viewers who are already used to Carrie’s eternally idiotic (in the words of my colleagues) face will be surprised to see him in such a new image. Perhaps now it will be easier for them to imagine Jim Carrey in normal life and even believe that this eternally grimacing man has a real wife, and to be precise – there are two, the last of which is called Lauren Holly, and a very real daughter from her first marriage – Jane. And that Carrie lives in a real $ 4 million home near Los Angeles.
And those who believe all this will become real experts on Jim Carrey, almost the same as me. And then one fine day, Jim himself will definitely come to visit them and build a special face especially for them – it doesn’t cost him anything!

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